Reborn Rich – K-drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Chairman Jin Passes

Episode 13 of Reborn Rich starts with chairman Jin going through a notebook with diagrams of Soonyang engines and car models. He seems disappointed that Soonyang motors did not become as successful as he had initially thought. Do-jun enters just as he laments about his failure and his children going against him.

Do-jun offers some insights into why Soonyang motors are unsuccessful. Do-jun requests that his grandfather delegate the rights to the upcoming Apollo launch and promises to make it a success. Yoong-ki is convinced that the Apollo will flop.

Do-jun’s marketing plan for the Apollo is linked to the upcoming world cup. He is confident that the marketing idea will be successful from his life as Hyeon-woo. Everyone else thinks he is bluffing since the Korean team has never gone beyond the group stages in the world cup. He reasons that if the Korean team reaches the semi-finals, the consumers will associate Apollo with an overwhelming feeling of victory.

Do-jun’s plans rest on a partnership with Soonyang card to offer credit to consumers. However, the management of Soonyang card rejects the offer to partner with Soonyang motors. Young-ki is behind it. Do-jun decides to go all out and acquire Soonyang’s card. Chairman Jin calls Dong-ki.

Unexpectedly, chairman Jin has a delirium episode with Hyeon-min around. He tells her he intends to leave the Soonyang group to Yoon-ki’s son. Do-jun walks in and wheels him away. Chairman Jin tells Do-jun to cancel his plans for Apollo since he is selling the company.

Chairman Jin wants to sell Soonyang to ensure that the shareholders agree to vote for Do-jun as the CEO for the financial holding. Do-jun is not prepared to let his grandfather’s legacy be that he failed and that Soonyang motors were a mistake. He, therefore, makes him a deal.

If the Korean team fails to reach the semis, he can sell the company, but if the team reaches the semis, he should do as Do-jun says and never sell the company. Chairman Jin feels that Do-jun is the only one who cares about him. He, therefore, asks Mr Lee to help him revise his written will.

The world cup begins. Hyeon-joon is walking the subway and sees that the Soonyang motors advert congratulates the Korean team for a world cup win. He calls Do-jun because he thinks the advertisement made a mistake. Do-jun says it was deliberate to cheer the Korean team to win.

Hyeon-joon is convinced the team will not win against Poland. To everyone’s surprise, Korea wins and advances quickly through the group stages to the quarterfinals. Consumer reception of the Apollo is generally favourable. Chairman Jin is impressed.

Do-jun releases an advertisement congratulating the Korean team for attempting the impossible. Apollo joins the Guinness Book of Records for the most sales in the shortest time. The Apollo team asks if the Korean team will reach the finals, but Do-jun tells them that the advertisements about the world cup will not continue. Not because the team will not win but because he had exhausted the marketing fund provided by chairman Jin.

An ecstatic chairman Jin waits to watch the match with Do-jun in his study. Elsewhere Hyeon-min is determined to know the medicine that Pil-ok gives to chairman Jin. Pil-ok walks in as she searches the drawers for the medicine. As they argue, chairman Jin collapses just as Do-jun arrives at jeongsingjae to tell him about the success of Apollo. Chairman Jin passes on.

Dong-ki’s daughter arrives from abroad. Young-ki approaches Mr Lee to know the content of chairman Jin’s written will. During the will reading, Don-jun gets nothing. The whole family fails to understand why the chairman decided to leave Do-jun nothing. Se-hyeon and Rachel, too, are surprised.

Mr Lee is collecting the necessary documents for us to publish chairman Jin’s autobiography. Pil-ok expresses her anger since her husband was regarded as good by the outside world, but he was extremely mean to his kids. At the dinner table, Pil-ok reveals that she owns 17 % of Soonyang’s insurance. She plans to give the shares to the one who takes the best care of the family. The one who gets the shares will assume the management rights for Soonyang corporation.

Hwa-young approaches Yoong-ki and offers to give Do-jun her shares of the insurance company, and in exchange, he should give back the shares of the Soonyang department store. Yoong-ki visits Do-jun and suggests they use the CCTV footage from chairman Jin’s hospital room. Do-jun instructs Mr Lee to delete the footage since he cannot embarrass his grandfather.

Min-young continues to investigate the murder case and finds Pil-ok’s slush fund. Pil-ok suggests that her men should use every means necessary to stop the investigation. They try to kill Min-young in her car, but In-hyeok saves her. He takes Min-young to meet Do-jun. Do-jun pleads with her to stop the investigation, but she insists that she must indict the one responsible since they tried to kill Do-jun.

Do-jun visits his grandmother and warns her against trying to harm her again. Min-young finds the connection to Pil-ok, and she calls her for questioning. Pil-ok seeks assistance from Do-jun, asking for 17 % shares of Soonyang insurance in return. Min-hyeon discloses to Sung-joon that Pil-ok had no option but to hand over her shares so as not to be indicted for the attempted murder. Young-ki confronts his mother. He tells her he will never forgive him for giving her shares to Do-jun and not to his son Sung-joon.

Young-ki meets with Min-young and tells her that Do-jun has evidence that Pil-ok instigated the murder attempt. She tells her team to get ready to summon Lee Pil-ok for the attempted murder of chairman Jin Yang Cheol. She calls Do-jun, but he does not answer her call.

The Episode Review

The death of Chairman Jin was quite a blow in this episode. The relationship between Chairman Jin and Do-jun grows here, as we learn Do-jun cared genuinely for his grandfather and cared about the company. Do-jun wanted to make sure his grandfather’s legacy was positive, to which he succeeded.

It was unbelievable that chairman Jin did not leave his inheritance to Do-jun though. When he said he would change his will, the general expectation was to leave everything to Do-jun. It is a mystery to figure out why he left Do-jun nothing. Did anyone change the will?

Also, about the CCTV footage, is it connected to the written will or when Pil-ok unknowingly admitted to instigating the murder? The relationship between Min-young and Do-jun rifts further in this episode. The family greed is further proven as dire as Young-ki is willing to sacrifice his mother just because she gave the shares to Do-jun.

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