Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Investigating the Attempted Murder

Episode 12 of Reborn Rich starts at the hospital. Director Hung receives a call about Chairman Jin. Pil-ok thinks he is acting weird, which could only imply that the chairman is awake. Director Jung meets with Do-jun and Mr Lee, whom the chairman is experiencing delirium because of bleeding in the brain during the accident. There are ways to reduce delirium, but the side effects are harmful.

He is preparing to attend the board meeting in the chairman’s hospital room. He is experiencing more delirium since it is at night, and he wants to go to the meeting half dressed. Do-jun realizes that having his grandfather at the meeting would work against the chairman’s wishes. He is concerned for his grandfather. He has to come up with a new idea.

Sung-joon had already secured a majority of the board members. Do-jun visits him and tells him the director was not in a comma. He also tells Sung-joon that the chairman knew someone had tried to kill him. He will attend the meeting, and anyone who votes against the financial company will be regarded as the culprit.

On the day of the board meeting, Se-hyeon is leading the meeting. The board members, led by Sung-joon, vote in favour of the financial holding company. When it comes to voting for the CEO, Sung-joon suggests that the board members should vote for Yoong-ki since he will have the interests of the older generation at heart.

It seems like the board members will vote in favour of Yoong-ki, but Chairman Jin walks in. He overturns the board members, and Do-jun is voted as the CEO.

Outside, Sung-joon has a feeling that his grandfather is not well. He asks him about the year of the second oil crisis. He seems to be unable to answer. Do-jun answers and rushes his grandfather out before his delirium returns. In the elevator, he loses it again, and Do-jun manages to hide it from the worker in the elevator with them. Sung-joon informs the family that chairman Jin was never in a coma. He was putting a trap on the family members and waited.

Min-young holds a meeting with Hyeon-min about the painting. Hyeon-min informs her about a gallery specializing in forgeries, Sim Gallery. The bodyguards investigate and find a connection to Pil-ok. They inform Do-jun.

Pil-ok visits and confronts director Jun at the hospital and tells him that all health issues about his husband should first be told to her and not his secretary. In the hospital room, chairman Jin in his delirium episodes, makes Pil-ok admit to her involvement in the accident. She admits that she could not watch him give his inheritance to an outsider but later realizes that the chairman was unwell. She discharges him just as Do-jun walks in.

Pil-ok intends to help his kids take over the business by informing them that their father is not sane. Do-jun walks in during their family dinner, which excludes Do-jun’s family. He hints that he knew of her involvement in the murder attempt, making her change her mind about telling the family about the chairman’s condition.

In her home gallery, Do-jun shows her grandmother that he has proof of her involvement in the accident. He blackmails her into keeping the chairman’s condition a secret, and he would not hand her over to the authority.

Do-jun stops by to see his grandfather. Chairman Jin realizes that Do-jun is after something else, not just the company. Do-jun admits it was a secret, and chairman Jin hopes he gets it. Later Do-jun meets with Min-young and urges her to stop investigating the accident. She is horrified that Do-jun knows the culprit but chooses not to report them so that he can be voted the CEO during the shareholder’s meeting. She does not intend to stop the investigation.

Sung-joon uses his father-in-law to influence the shareholder to initiate a vote of non-confidence against chairman Jin. Soonyang motors’ stock prices depreciated, and they blamed chairman Jin for the plummet.

Chairman Jin is aware that one of the family members initiated the scandal. Se-hyeon is convinced that the rebellion was started to stop Do-jun from owning Soonyang Financial holding company. With the upcoming release of the Apollo, Do-jun’s ascension to chairmanship was in jeopardy. However, Do-jun seems to have come up with a new idea.

The Episode Review

This episode holds significant surprises. Finding out that Lee Pil-ok is the culprit behind the attempted murder is a major shock. She almost has her way, but Do-jun comes to our rescue. The relationship between Do-jun and Min-young seems to be impossible now, especially after that bombshell reveal.

They are both stubborn and determined to get their way. Sung-joon seems to have the upper hand and is determined to take the company away from Do-jun. Will the rebellion of the Jin prince be successful?

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