Reborn as a Vending Machine – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The King Frog Fiend Appears

Episode 2 of Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon starts with Boxxo shocked at the Director of the Hunters Association having arrived in town. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s actually a talking bear! There’s a plan to attack the frog fiend base, and he wants Boxxo and Lammis to join the expedition. Of course, Boxxo will provide plenty of food for the group, and Lammis is up for another adventure so off we go!

Several days pass and the caravan are well on their way. While traveling, we learn that the transfer circle is actually a magical device that lets people move between the surface, another strata, or the Clearflow Lake that we’re currently in. If that wasn’t enough, word has it that it’s breeding season for the frogs so they could end up biting off more than they can chew. Lammis is certainly keeping her guard up.

When they stop to rest, she gets talking to Captain Kerioyl, who’s in charge of this operation. Kerioyl tries to work out exactly what Boxxo is, but Filmina (a purple-haired Mage who’s also Vice-Captain) doesn’t sense any magical aura coming off of Boxxo.

With camp set up that night, Boxxo decides to set up a whole range of cup noodles for everyone. Among those queuing up, Lammis strikes a friendship with another new character, a purple-eyed girl called Shui. Everyone sits around and fills up on noodles, which is just as well because in 3 hours time, they’re going to have to roll out! And both Lammis and Boxxo decide to join the fight, with the latter determined to protect his most loyal customer as best he can.

When they do eventually move, heading through the misty swamp, they’re attacked by a whole bunch of frog soldiers. The fight has begun. There’s a lot more soldiers than they bargained for but they have the power of Boxxo on their side. Boxxo decides his upgraded barrier (which can be obtained for 1000 points) is the way to go.

After besting these foes, Captain Kerioyl gets a bit cocky and believes they need to head over to the frontlines. He’s determined to fill their coffers and make as much money as possible. After some sports drinks given to the injured and wounded soldiers, the Director praises the group for their efforts, and warns that there may well be a King frog in the area. They need to be careful here.

After besting a troublesome soldier trying to tinker with the machine that night, the king frog fiend arrives. With fire sprouting from its monstrous form, Lammis uses her super strength to move the wounded cart away. Boxxo tries to find something to slow down the king fiend, and that comes from… cola bottles.

This, combined with Boxxo changing form to a mentos machine and dispensing sweet packets, it now becomes clear that the plan is combining the Mentos with the cola. Lammis gets the message, and cola cannons are used to best the king frog, alongside the other soldiers striking from behind too.

The group manage to work together and take out the giant foe. With the king frog destroyed, the group congratulate one another for a job well done, and decide to head back home together.

The Episode Review

Reborn as a Vending Machine returns with another intriguing episode, this time with the focus shifting across to a battle that’s won with the power of science. Of course, given Boxxo’s form-changing and various attacks, there is a bit of deus ex machine going on here, but the charm and general amusement that stems from this anime is enough to overlook that.

The second episode also introduces us to a whole bunch of new characters, including Captain Kerioyl who seems to have an ulterior motive, given the way he looked at Boxxo, so he may be one to watch!

The ties between Boxxo and Lammis are amusing though, and it helps make for a really enjoyable watch. There definitely looks to be a desire to move into different stratas too, given how we’re prepping this transfer circle, and it’lk be interesting to see more of the worldbuilding come into play too.

Either way, this is shaping up to be one of the more interesting and creative anime this season!

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