Reboot – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Who’s the Boss

What changes at Hulu?

In episode 8 of Reboot Season 1, power amongst Hulu executives changes hands. Elaine takes Hannah and Gordon aside to tell them that her boss, Daniel Silva, has been fired and replaced by Tyler Griffin.

This makes Gordon nervous. Griffin was a terrible executive on the old show. To make matters worse, Gordon slept with the man’s wife to get back at him. He worries that Step Right Up will be canceled.

Does Bree ruin Reed’s relationship with Nora?

Bree does an interview and is shocked when the reporter reveals that her ex-husband is getting married and is a soon-to-be father. Embarrassed at being taken off guard, she lies about herself and Reed getting back together and discussing children.

After her interview, she tries to warn Reed. But it’s Nora she encounters in his dressing room. His girlfriend flew in from New York to surprise him, and she isn’t happy to see Bree.

Bree excuses herself when Reed enters. Nora and Reed then hash out Nora’s jealousy over Reed’s close relationship with Bree.

Who does Reed get engaged to?

Since Bree couldn’t warn him, Reed is blind sided in his own interview about her comments–which the reporter has already made public. Reed awkwardly confirms the news, then rushes out of the interview to go yell at Bree.

He asks Bree why she said what she did, and if she still has feelings for him. She denies it, and he tells her he’s done with her antics.

Later, Nora confronts Reed about the situation. She believes he was backed into a corner, but she still has doubts about their relationship.

Suddenly, Reed is taking her hands and proposing. He tells her she’s everything he needs in a woman (her rationality being a huge factor in her favor). She says yes, and steps into another room to take a call from her mom.

Reed then takes a call from Bree. She tells him she lied earlier. She does have feelings for him. In fact, he’s the love of her life. He confesses he just got engaged. “Oh,” Bree responds, then hangs up.

Do Zack and Elaine end their relationship?

Elaine worries about the future of her job, and she confesses the rumor of the show’s cancellation to Zack. Zack is immediately worried for Clay, who plans on buying a house that day. He knows if his job isn’t secure, he definitely shouldn’t buy it.

Zack tells Elaine that he has to share her information with Clay. But Elaine told him in confidence. The two then get into a fight. Zack says that if he has to hurt his colleagues, then they may need to re-examine their relationship.

He ends up not telling Clay, and Clay buys the house. Zack doesn’t betray Elaine’s trust, but now Clay might be in a sticky situation–depending on the fate of Step Right Up.

Does Griffin cancel ‘Step Right Up’?

Griffin meets with Hannah and Gordon to discuss the future of the show. It turns out that he knows about Gordon’s affair with his wife. He tells them he’s not canceling the show–but he will cause it to have a slow and painful death by cutting the budget and stealing Timberly for another series.

After giving Griffin a piece of his mind, Gordon leaves. Griffin tells Hannah she’d be better off without her dad, but she disagrees.

Later, Gordon walks around the set and takes everything in. He then walks back into Griffin’s office for another discussion.

Afterwards, Hannah comes to Gordon to tell him they need to fight Griffin. But Gordon doesn’t want to. He’s already quit the show.

Hannah thinks he’s abandoning her–again. He tells her he’s proud of her, and he walks out of the door.

How does ‘Reboot’ Season 1 End?

Season 1 of Reboot ends with Clay sitting alone in his empty house with a bottle of untouched alcohol, a housewarming gift from Hulu.

He answers the door to find Bree. She doesn’t want to be alone. He says he doesn’t either, and invites her in.

The Episode Review

Season 1 of Reboot ends on a strong note, albeit a more serious one than usual. With all the time the show has spent on Hannah’s and Gordon’s complex relationship, it’s satisfying to loop back around to their major conflict in the season’s penultimate scene.

In many ways, Gordon is repeating his earlier actions. He thinks he’s doing the sacrificial thing, but he’s actually abandoning his daughter when she not only needs him, but actually wants to be around him.

Some of the other drama is a bit forced, given that the series has devoted most of its time for serious plot developments on the father/daughter relationship. Eight episodes into a sitcom simply isn’t enough time to get invested in Bree’s and Reed’s drama, Zack and Elaine’s relationship, and Clay’s road to recovery

The finale does leave us with several questions, however. Are Clay and Bree going to be a thing now? Is Clay going to stay sober? Who is Reed going to choose? And can Hannah forgive her father a second time?

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