Rebelde – Season 1 Episode 7 “Til Dawn” Recap & Review

Til Dawn

Episode 7 of Rebelde Season 1 begins with Jana turning her attention from accusing Sebas to Luka. Without proof though, there’s not much for her to do. Unfortunately Luka continues to stir tings up, throwing shade at everyone including MJ, Dixon and Esteban. Luka scoffs at this makeshift group, claiming they’re not friends and never have been, walking away after burning bridges.

After dropping this bombshell, Dixon breaks the news that he’s not actually a famous rapper called Dixon (shock, horror!) he was an altar boy and forced to attend a catholic school. He always wanted to be famous though, hence the persona. This confession paves way for MJ to open up too, claiming her parents never wanted her to come to school.

Andi also reluctantly admits she’s seeing Emilia in secret. Jana however, struggles to answer whether they’d even be friends if not for this competition.

Luka arrives before Sebas, desperate for him to honour his side of the bargain. However, it seems like Luka is being iced out, with the deal falling through.

While Luka struggles to get what he originally bargained for, the other kids contemplate whether Emilia may actually be part of The Lodge. Given how integral she’s been to all of this, it would make sense. So who better to pry that information from her than by using Andi as an undercover agent. Only, she’s not exactly comfortable about deceiving her lover.

One thing she does learn though, is that Sebas is cheating on Emilia, given he smells of “old lady” perfume. This, combined with Dixon’s observations that Anita snuck into Sebastian’s dorm room last night, lead the group to realize what’s going on here. Jana however, comes up with a cunning plan to catch them in the act.

Armed with their phones, the kids spread out and track Anita’s movements.. Only, they lose her, as she doubles back and confronts Jana. Ferrerr appears though, forcing the kids back to their dorms before things turn ugly.

While all this is going on, Luka remains conflicted over what he should do. He clearly cares about the group, and deliberates over whether to oust The Lodge completely or even incriminate himself for messing with the music video. As it turns out, he doesn’t do either. He receives a message asking to meet at 6am.

Meanwhile, Esteban finds his mum, Rocio. She’s actually been playing at a small club this whole time. When Esteban confronts Rocio about what’s happening involving Luka’s father, she drops an almighty bombshell.

It turns out Marcelo is actually Esteban’s father. Marcelo was only a fling though, given he was married at the time, but one thing lead to another and Esteban was born. When Rocio revealed all of this to Marcelo, he regretted everything. Still, it doesn’t explain why she left Esteban’s life and never bothered to get in touch.

Luka eventually meets The Lodge, where they reveal themselves to him by removing their masks. Anita and Sebas are among those involved, and Luka is actually invited to join them too. Will he do it? Either way, as the sun rises Jana makes her decision and chooses to leave the music school, believing there’s nothing there for her anymore.

The Episode Review

Surely Esteban could have just done a bit of investigative work and found his mum then if she’s just playing at clubs? The fact she’s still going by the name “Rocio” and not even using an alias feels like a careless part of this drama that’s been overlooked. Given we know that Esteban has been searching for her for a long time, surely he would have looked for her online by name first?

Despite that, the series does have some stand out moments but these later episodes have regressed back into more formulaic drama, losing some of the spark those early episodes had. The whole Lodge subplot has felt pretty weak by comparison to the individual character arcs, and at this point I’m still not sure what their actual motivations are.

Still, we’ve got the finale up next and it’ll be interesting to see what direction this one will take to close everything out.

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