Rebelde – Season 1 Episode 6 “Salvame” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Rebelde begins with Anita communicating with Luka at the party, telling him the group are close to giving up. She tells him he needs to keep pushing this and make sure it’;s finalized. When the call ends, Anita grills Sebas for almost blowing their cover. She encouraged him not to go to the party but he didn’t listen, and now they’ve been put in a difficult position.

With the semi-finals coming up for Battle of the Bands, all our characters take their places in the crowd the next day. Ferrerr briefs the semi-finalists. They need to film a music video for a different RBD classic. Our Without Name group have Salvame as their choice.

After the meeting, Esteban confronts Luka. He’s going to tell Celina that Luka was the one who got him beaten up in the rehearsal room unless he reveals what he knows. This is enough for Luka to reveal that Esteban’s mum, Rocio, used to be Luka’s music teacher. Luka’s dad actually used to work with Roci before she was Luka’s teacher too.

Luka promises to get him more information… but for a price. He wants Luka’s help.

In between all this the kids are interrupted by rehearsals, as they all set to work recording their voices and deciding on an artistic direction for their video. With a heavy dose of auto-tune, the kids lend their voice to the video… which is pretty ironic given they’re at a music college. I guess that’s what they’re teaching these kids now!

Anyway,these scenes are essentially irrelevant with what happens next, with a good 2 minute montage dedicated to their finished piece.

That night, Dixon notices Anita acting shadily. Specifically heading over and meeting Sebas in private. To the surprise of no-one at this point, Anita is actually part of The Lodge… and romantically involved with Sebas who’s cheating on Emilia. But then Emilia is involved with Andi, who both grow closer together.

As these two kiss under the moonlight, Dixon and MJ notice them together. But just before thee two kiss… a text ping interrupts them and sends them back to the dorms, where they finish up their video.

Luka eventually does ring his father, who claims he doesn’t know know what happened to Rocio. It clearly leaves him a little flustered though, telling his son not to bring this up again. Well, if that isn’t a guilty admission I don’t know what is!

The video for Without Name goes ahead…but there’s a problem. The video in question has been tampered with and actually shows the girls’ shower. Jana immediately suspects Luka and confronts him after, while Principal Ferrerr brings the group together and is forced to disqualify them all.

They believe Esteban is responsible too, given the cameras show him sneaking about. The real culprit appears to be Sebas, who tells Anita that he’s a wolf as he walks away down the hallway.

The Episode Review

Rebelde has been a weird medley of ideas in many ways, and this episode perfectly exemplifies the good and bad elements of this show. The whole idea of filming a special music video is a good one, but yet the series struggles to balance the music with the teen drama.

The way these videos were placed in here felt really weird, and even worse it’s actually irrelevant to the main plot. I mean, the ending showed that it meant nothing as it was tampered with and ultimately not viewed by the judges anyway. These sort of artistic choices certainly hold this back from being a better effort, and the inclusion of The Lodge and the drama they bring, has only added to the messiness.

Rebelde still has its moments but this feels like the weakest of the episodes so far.

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