Rebelde – Season 1 Episode 3 “He’s Going Down” Recap & Review

He’s Going Down

Episode 3 of Rebelde Season 1 begins with our main characters finding the note from The Lodge. These guys happen to be a secret society, one that Jana’s mum was actually a part of years back when she attended school.

Jana is determined to put a stop to this, determined to hit back against the bullies and force them into submission. The others though, are not so sure. They all vote and decide against getting involved.

While they talk, Luka receives a message from an unknown sender, telling him he needs to get better friends. Even worse, he’s being watched too. These guys clearly think Luka is the weak link and it appears he’s about to get his resolve tested across this episode.

Jana begins to suspect Sebas is the one responsible for the hazing, given he has an ankle injury. So naturally, she’s going to play dumb, keeping her “friends close and enemies closer” while simultaneously outing Sebas for his involvement. All the while, I may add, these two are still technically dating. That’s also something Dixon reminds her of as well, urging her to talk to Esteban.

In the midst of all this drama, the Battle of the Bands looks set to go ahead. Only, our misfits find themselves trying to team up and struggling to form a cohesive group.

While this is going on, Ferrerr starts to interview the kids, one at a time, determined to find out who was responsible for the hazing. Kuri uses the excuse that he was playing Fortnite at the time, but video evidence is enough for Ferrerr to make a bold choice and expel him.

Jana tries to search through Sebas’s belongings but she’s caught red-handed. All this sneaking around is too much for Sebas, who breaks up with her in front of everyone. It’s also filmed by numerous students too. Jana immediately marches up to Dixon in the aftermath of this, trying to work out what they’re going to do next.

With most of the kids eventually coming together to form their band, “Without Name”, Luka is given instructions to join them by the mystery sender. He’s been the wildcard for most of this season and it seems he’s being planted to sabotage the band.

Esteban figures out Luka’s password on his laptop “Luka loves Luka” and sets to work trying to discover what he may be hiding. Only, MJ shows up to talk and profess her feelings, just as he’s trying to hack in. As Esteban leans over to shut the book, MJ leans forward and kisses him…just as Jana opens the door and sees the pair together.

The Episode Review

Ah, the misunderstanding trope how we’ve missed thee! Yep, i strikes once again and this time it comes off the back of an episode chock full of little clichés and tropes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, given the precedent set by this show early on, and it’s certainly watchable enough to overlook some of the issues.

With the bands all forming and ready to compete, it’ll be interesting to see if ‘Without Name’ come out on top or whether they end up short, setting things up for a possible second season.

Either way though, the characters themselves have a good deal of drama and Luka’s inclusion here looks to be a real wildcard that could swing things out of their favour. We’ll have to wait and see.

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