Rebelde – Season 1 Episode 2 “Auditions” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Rebelde Season 1 begins with a wall of fire spreading across the room. As Principal Ferrerr shows up, she scoots the kids out the room as authorities arrive to put out the fire.

In the aftermath of this, all the kids face expulsion For their antics. Anita and Ferrerr obviously don’t believe the story about masked students and hazing, but it is going all the way up to the board meeting on Thursday. They’ll be the ones to decide their fate. That also means they can’t audition.

Realizing how devastating this would be, Jana decides to take the blame to save the others; they can now all audition.

While the kids clean up the charred floor and walls of the rehearsal room, Sebas tries to talk Jana around, imploring her to let his mum get involved. Given she’s in a position of political power, it could help swing things in her favour. However, she refuses.

Between auditioning, Jana calls on the talents of Dixon to help her find the real culprits of the hazing. With the surveillance footage a bust, Jana reflects thoughtfully that one of the kids had a bad ankle. Checking the nurse’s file, she notices Emilia’s name popping up, the popular girl who seems to be everywhere.

Dixon implores her to be patient, checking video footage from the night and noticing that Sebastian’s dorm seems to be a hotspot. Is he involved somehow?

Jana outright asks him but he takes offence and walks away, pointing out that he wouldn’t do that to someone he loves dearly. Speaking of love, Luka’s father sends a brand new car and a whole wad of cash Luka’s way, but he sees through these vapid gifts and calls out his dad for being absent. You can’t put a price on love.

In the wake of all this drama, we then cut forward to the auditions. All the different kids step up and show what they’re made of, including Andi and Dixon who both add a different flavour to proceedings. Luka’s Dad even arrives to see his son sing while Jana’s fate is sealed with expulsion.

The thing is, she also misses Esteban’s audition…but does kiss him in the middle of the hallway. Esteban asks about her boyfriend but she ignores that and keeps kissing. This isn’t helped, of course, by an earlier fight between her and Sebas.

Meanwhile, Dixon uncovers a video on Kuri’s phone, incriminating him as one of the masked men. With this newfound evidence, this allows Jana to audition and Ferrerr to reflect thoughtfully.

Ferrerr has her concerns that the kids responsible for the hazing are a group called The Lodge. Word of this spreads quickly, as a note is put up in the rehearsal room, “We know what you did. You’re screwed.”

The Episode Review

The second episode is the longest of the season, and works well to showcase the musical talents of our different characters. Andi on the drums and Dixon’s rapping adds a different flavour of genre to the mix, while Jana’s piano playing is your typical fodder for this sort of show.

The growing love triangle between Sebas, Esteban and Jana is pretty typical of this genre too, while the character work for each of these different kids is simple enough to keep things ticking over. You can tell the main draw here is going to be the teen drama, with this Lodge mystery thrown in to spice things up.

Despite its cliches, the show does have a lot to like about it, and the kids are diverse and interesting enough to stick with to find out what happens next. With this secret society on the rampage, Ferrerr appears to have had a run-in with these kids before. We’ll have to wait and see what develops with those going forward.

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