Reasonable Doubt: A Tale Of Two Kidnappings – Netflix Season 1 Review

reasonable doubt

Season 1

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The Accident
The Kidnapping
The Accusation
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It’s no secret that Mexico is plagued with corruption. Whether it be the drug trade depicted in fictional shows like Breaking Bad and Narcos or the numerous political and social docu-series across the years, Mexico is a hive of corruption, crime and conspiracies.

Directed by Roberto Hernandez, Reasonable Doubt: A Tale Of Two Kidnappings is a true-crime docu-series split across 4 digestible episodes. At the center of this are four men, who were arrested for alleged involvement in a kidnapping following a minor car collision.

These four men are subsequently arrested and tortured, forced to face a horrific ordeal during their time behind bars. In the present though, Hernandez believes them to be innocent and sets out to try and right this injustice.

With a new trial system in place across Mexico, trying to prevent coerced confessions and statements obtained after torture, Hernandez heads to Macuspana, Tabsaco and dives deep into this case. However, Reasonable Doubt also dives into Mexico’s flawed justice system, exposing just how deeply the rot goes.

The first episode essentially serves as an introduction to the case before the second sees lawyer Andes enter the fray and tackle this head-on, trying to get justice for the inmates. The third chapter turns everything upside down with a new accusation before the fourth and final episode sees everything come to a heart-wrenching and dramatic conclusion.

Along the way, Reasonable Doubt: A Tale Of Two Kidnappings uses a combination of talking head segments with the guys in prison, lectures, fly-on-the-wall footage and the usual array of archival shots to boot. The show does a great job with its run-time, helping to flesh out the story and hammer home just how damning the system can be without ever feeling like the story is dragging its heels.

While it’s unlikely to ignite the streaming platform, there’s enough to like about Reasonable Doubt to make it worth a watch. The pacing is excellent and the editing is solid right the way through too. This is another shocking, heartbreaking case straight out of Mexico and true crime fans should be right in their element here.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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