Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review


The Gate

Despite Leo’s objections, episode 9 of Reality Z begins with the group outvoting him and deciding to test the new group of survivors. Leo leaves the control room and immediately speaks to Teresa about what’s happening, commenting that the group are turning uncivilized and forcing them into playing this sick game. Deciding Levi has gone too far, they agree to team up and oust him from the house.

With the group preoccupied with the new housemates and what their decision will be, Levi and the others immediately perk-up when one of them suggests the grandmother should leave. Robson has enough of waiting though, partly thanks to being high on cocaine, and turns on Levi. Grabbing the rifle, he heads out alone while Levi decides the time is up – the housemates must choose who is going to be evicted.

Despite all the housemates voting for their choices, Teresa hacks the camera feeds and pleads with them not to trust or believe anything Levi says. Telling them to fight together, Leo and Teresa head in to the main house to team up but unfortunately Robson goes too far and brings in a pet zombie.

It turns out this was all a test to see who’s trustworthy or not and given one of the men grabbed the grandmother as a human shield, Robson grabs the traitor and throws him outside to the zombies.

Together, the group work to try and secure the compound and despite clearing most of the way, the final stretch of securing the gates hits a big obstacle when a whole horde of zombies arrive and charge straight for them. Leo slips away in the carnage and escapes down a back alley while the rest of the group are forced back into the house again, this time with more zombies than they can count.

With all hope lost, back in the control room they fail to find Leo on the monitors but do find a whole host of people waiting in the building opposite. Instead of helping, they decide to cut communications.

Featuring more zombie action and lots to ponder over going into the finale, the idea of making the housemates evict each other meets a shocking end by Robson’s unconventional idea of testing them.  It’s certainly a pretty ingenious solution and one that works surprisingly well to rid themselves of “the rotten apple”, as he so eloquently puts it.

With it all to play for in the finale and all hope seemingly lost for our group, who will survive to see the end? 


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