Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Future

Episode 8 of Reality Z begins with Leo leading Ana outside to the roof and watching as, with more survivors at their disposal, the group work to dispose of the zombies outside in the courtyard. While Levi distracts them by raising the shutters, Ana slips away from the zombies and mouths “I Love You” to Leo as he shoots her in the head. This act of sacrifice helps to clear the courtyard and take it back for themselves.

In the aftermath of this, Levi and Cristina congratulate the group on their victory while Barbara heads into the control room and starts taking selfies. Intent on turning this into a party, she switches the music on and the flashing lights. Of course, because of this selfish act, zombies start to become attracted to the compound.

Barbara is out of control, partying and drinking while dancing with Robson. Her husband watches on in disdain as this situation looks set to escalate.

Levi and Cristina meanwhile, continue to scheme amongst themselves as they try desperately to hold onto their firepower. Up on the roof, Teresa and Leo wind up having sex while Levi takes the opportunity to begin looking through the camera feeds. As he does, he watches with great interest as Teresa and Fabio talk in the kitchen.

He holds a knife up to her throat after filming her having sex with Leo and demands she pleasure him too. Before he can rape her however, Robson arrives and shoots him in the head.

The death of Fabio is the last of their problems though, as a whole new group of survivors arrive at the compound. They decide to test their credentials and force them through a test to enter the house. This test comes in the form of forcing them to evict one of their own. As Levi’s voice flashes up on the monitor, he gives them 3 hours to decide.

The idea of turning Olimpo back into a game show for the new survivors is an ingenious idea and one that has just a touch of irony to it, continuing on from the previous episode. With more main characters killed off, Reality Z continues to build up toward a climactic finale and based on this showing, it looks like it may be quite the bloodbath.


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