Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


The Calling

Episode 7 of Reality Z begins on day 4 of the zombie outbreak, with Teresa recording a message for survivors as the group try to find salvation. “So, are the Americans not coming to save us?” They ask in vain as they realize they’re on their own now.

In a bid to try and find survivors, they broadcast a signal that’ll change frequencies every 20 minutes. Only, Cristina is against this idea and immediately tells Levi. In order to proceed and escape, they need to clear the courtyard and the area by the gate but they need more people to do this – hence who Ana started the broadcasts.

In order to keep both sides happy, they decide to change the signal so it targets a building nearby rather than Olimpo. As a means of bolstering the validity of the signal, they decide to use Levi as a means to quell the people’s distrust.

In the wake of this, Teresa speaks to Ana about her bite and tells her she needs to rest. However, their conversation is cut short by the rest of the group arriving and mulling over the plan.

Teresa and Leo start to set up cameras in the adjacent building, making things safe for them to check who’s arriving, while Levi records his message. With the first stage of their plan a success, they head back to the house and begin eating. Only, Ana retreats into the bathroom and checks her cut, noticing that it’s starting to get worse.

Survivors arrive at the building not long after, desperate for refuge. A bricklayer named Jose, stylist Barbara and her husband, and doctor, Fabio are the first three. After hearing their pleas, the group play God and decide who should and shouldn’t be let in. Eventually Teresa makes the decision for them and lets them all in.

It’s here Leo learns that Ana is infected and only has a few hours left to live. In order to make things right, Leo leads her into a safe spot within Olimpo where Leo says his goodbyes to his Mother, telling him to be strong.

There seems to be no safety in Reality Z and if there’s one positive thing this show has managed to do, it’s portray a hostile, difficult world to survive where anyone can be killed off. There’s a nice idea here with the compound and tying this “selection” process feeds back into the Big Brother style auditions which is certainly a dark sense of irony.

Compared to the first half of the show though, Reality Z is actually starting to find its own voice and rhythm, posing a pretty promising sign of things to come.


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