Reality Z – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Wild Thing

The zombie horde outside continues to swell in episode 6 of Reality Z while the surviving members of the car continue to deliberate over what to do next. Zombies surround the car and as a last ditch effort, Ana suggests they leave and open the utility hatch nearby which leads straight down into the house.

With little choice, they free Teresa from her handcuffs and leave it up to her to break in and save them. Alongside the guard Robson, they work together to distract the zombies. There’s too many for them to handle alone though and it prompts Levi to make a decision and help.

Clearing the way, they work together to scramble down into the tunnels. Levi and Cristina remain suspicious of Teresa though, believing that, because she’s a criminal, she shouldn’t be allowed to wield an axe.

As things start to settle down a little, Teresa and Leo get talking about what happened and how Ana was fired from the show. After a bit more background information for our different characters, the group work together to reach the control room. Only, Jessica happens to be there waiting and they’re forced to fight her off while Cristina is attacked by a zombie of her own.

When the cameras come back online, the group watch in dumbfounded horror as they see the zombies swarming the house. With Ana watching on the cameras, the group work together to clear the house one room at a time. Successful in their mission, the final zombie left is Veronica but she seems different than the rest; calm in her mannerisms until Ana holds her hands out and winds up bitten for her trouble.

Veronica is eventually put down though and that evening, while the rest of her group sleep, Ana singes her cut with a hot knife in a bid to try and stifle the spread of infection.

With some interesting commentary surrounding class and a surprisingly stylish episode, utilizing some nice split screens and balanced zombie action with character development, Reality Z continues to use Olimpo as the main setting but manages to spin that in a pretty enjoyable way. The door is left wide open for the rest of the season now and quite what will happen to this group – and Nina too – remains to be seen.


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