Ready or Not by Cara Bastone: Book Release Date, Page Count & Plot Details

Ready or Not

Ready or Not

Cara Bastone is an acclaimed author renowned for her captivating romance novels. With hits like Call Me Maybe and Sweet Talk, Bastone has enchanted readers with her ability to find the extraordinary in ordinary love stories. Fans prepare for her highly anticipated contemporary romance, Ready or Not, coming soon to captivate hearts once again. 

What is Ready or Not About?

Eve Hatch, content with her life in Brooklyn, unexpectedly finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand. This unplanned pregnancy brings unexpected changes to her relationships, including a strain on her friendship with Willa, her childhood best friend. As Eve navigates the challenges of impending motherhood, she receives support from Willa’s older brother, Shep, who becomes more than just a friend. At the same time, Eve grapples with the conflicting emotions of the baby’s father. Over the course of nine months, Eve reevaluates her beliefs, discovering that love and family can surprise you when you least expect it. 

When Will Ready or Not be Released? 

Ready or Not is expected to be released by Dial Press Trade on 06 February 2024 in the UK, and 13 February 2024 in the US. 

What is the Page Count? 

Ready or Not has a page count of 400. 

Where Can You Pre-Order Ready or Not? 

You can pre-order Ready or Not through Barnes & Noble ($18) in the US and Waterstones (£10.99) in the UK. 

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