Reacher – Season 2 Episode 5 “Burial” Recap & Review


Reacher Season 2 Episode 5 begins with O’Donnell going back home with Reacher to tell his wife and children they’ll need to go somewhere safe while the group deals with Shane Langston and his henchman.

Neagley and Dixon are at the Denver branch of New Age Technologies, pretending to be representatives of the Defence Contract Management Agency so that they can investigate their missile shipments. They discover they are too late because all 650 of the missiles have already been shipped. 

A group of assailants pretending to be truck drivers stop New Age’s truck, kill the driver, and then inform A.M. that they’ve got hold of the missiles. Neagley and Dixon catch up to the henchman and a brutal gunfight takes place between them. Neagley and Dixon shoot down most of the men, but 1 of them drives away with the shipment. Neagley and Dixon run away before the police arrive at the scene.

Meanwhile, Reacher and O’Donnell chat with a pair of Homeland Security agents, who worked with Joe Reacher previously. They reveal A.M. is a wanted individual, and they’ve been trying to track him down with little success. Reacher says that if he gets to A.M. before them, he is going to kill him. 

Neagley and Dixon tell Reacher and O’Donnell about the truck hijacking, revealing that Swan has signed off on the shipment. Reacher doesn’t want to believe it.

Flashback to the 110th using heroin they acquired from a drug bust to catch a dealer. Neagley, Franz, Orozco and Sanchez are waiting in a van, and Reacher and Swan are talking to the drug dealers. One of the drug dealers’ personal delivery boys recognises Swan, forcing the 110th to kill the criminals. Swan takes a bullet for Reacher. 

Back in the present timeline, Reacher is picked up by Senator Lavoy’s security detail for a private conversation with him at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Lavoy and Boyd wind Reacher up for pretending to be a “special agent” and remind him about his time in Margrave. However, Lavoy wants Reacher’s help. He reveals he did greenlight the Little Wing project for national security reasons and to make some money on the side, but now wants to make amends after realising domestic terrorism is on the cards. Lavoy wants the 110th to ensure that the missiles aren’t used to kill anyone.

A.M. has a conversation with Langston while driving through Indiana, where they talk about the shipment and the attack from the 110th. Langston reassures A.M. that the missiles will be ready for use by the time he arrives, and has organised another attempt at killing the 110th. 

Reacher, O’Donnell, Neagley, and Dixon attend Franz’s funeral. Russo is seen comforting Franz’s wife and child, and that annoys Reacher because Russo doesn’t have any connection with Franz or his family. Reacher argues with Russo, with Reacher again accusing Russo of being a dirty cop. Russo insists he’s there for Franz’s family because he has been in the child’s position when he was younger. Russo also says he did a background check on New Age’s employees, revealing they are all former dirty NYPD cops from the 3rd precinct. The only exception is Swan, who Russo insinuates has been hired for his military experience, proving useful to the terrorists. 

The episode ends with 2 snipers shooting at the funeral to kill the 110th. Neagley kills one of them, while the other one runs away. Reacher tries to chase him down on foot, but the shooter gets in a car. Russo picks Reacher up in a car and they chase him. They cause a crash, track him down and Reacher interrogates him. The henchman reveals Swan hired him to kill the 110th. They take the sniper to the place where he was supposed to get his fees. As soon as he steps into the building, the place blows up. 

The Episode Review

This season just gets better and better with each episode. There are two stunning action sequences and a spectacular explosion at the end of the episode, plus some genuinely funny exchanges between the characters. The flashback scene is also full of action and relevant to the unravelling of Swan’s character, whom we haven’t yet seen in the present timeline.

This show does very well at making you care for the 110th due to the banter between them. There’s a good scene towards the beginning of the episode where Reacher accompanies O’Donnell to his family home that reveals a lot about both characters and makes you care for them even more. Robert Patrick is a fantastic villain, and things are building nicely towards a dramatic finale. 

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