Rap Sh!t – Season 1 Episode 4 “Something for the Clubs” Recap & Review

‘Something for the Clubs’

Episode 4 of Rap Sh!t opens with Chastity taking her “girls” out, along with Deja to a treat to celebrate the printable month. It is clear that Deja is the one with the brains and the most experience, while the others under Chastity aren’t too serious-minded.

Post the little celebration, we shift our focus to Mia. She video chats with her father, who is in jail for shooting someone. She lets him know about her song and he is proud. Hopes of him getting out are again revived as he reveals that he got a new trial. We also learn that her father was himself a rapper/musician and wants Mia to take his legacy forward.

Shawna, dressed all in black and a little fanny pack attached to her waist, prepares to go with Mia and Chastity to a producer. His name is Sam Sneak.

During the ride, Shawna checks on her phone to see if Cliff has responded to her many messages yet. He is upset with her for choosing to compromise on the quality of her songs and embrace everything that she once stood against. Shenllecia and Aleesia, Mia’s friends from the last episode, also join the party. Things are a little awkward as Shawna had cut off contact with them after school.

Chastity takes them to an event where Sam has apparently called them. But their name is not on the list and they have to stand in line to get in. Shawna suspects Chastity is once again getting ahead of herself and wasting their time. She feels Chastity does not know Sam and is only speculating a meeting with him.

Shawna also disapproves of Chastity projecting herself as the manager for Mia and her. Her prediction that they will wait in line all day and not meet Sam proves to be correct. Chastity cites a miscommunication between Sam and her. Aleesia offers all of the members a Molly pill, a hallucinatory drug, except Chastity. She takes them to another spot where Sam has “asked” them to meet.

While waiting at a red light, she spots the black Nissan that one of her girls described in the last episode as having robbed them. She turns around and hastily chases after it. Molly starts hitting the girls as Chastity gets out and goes after them with a gun. She also gives Mia one.

They have chased after them into the Projects, where the general vibe is quite unsafe. Shawna runs off wanting to relieve herself on someone’s lawn. She sends a video message to Cliff, clearly under the influence of drugs, and comes screaming back with a dog. Chastity returns and they all leave. Mia sternly asks Chastity not to get the others involved in her business and she apologizes.

The group reaches the spot and Chastity strikes a deal with one of the insiders to get them a table but with the bargain that they will order three bottles of alcohol. Chastity goes up to Sam who is uninterested in talking to her. She tries to lead them on by offering to give them a bottle. Shawna spruces up her dress to make it sexier. She knows that Mia’s friends do not like her and has decided to take it to them.

Mia is worried that her mother hasn’t picked up the phone all day. She left Melissa with her and wants to go back. She also lets Shawna know that she feels she only has two outcomes in her life. Either go to jail or end up on the streets.

She wants the rap shit to work and gives her daughter a better life. Shawna spots Maurice on the dance floor. The two start dancing intimately until they hear a song. Their song! Chastity plays a ruse by making Sam and the DJ (Dimples) think they have transacted with one another to play the song.

Shawna and Mia are really excited and wander around to find each other. They set the floor on fire when they get up and rap along with the song. The girls have a great night and they slowly disperse. Chastity has probably used up the last of her savings to pay the bill for the bottles. Mia and Shawna go to a barbecue joint to eat, where they also meet a fan.

Cliff calls Shawna to ask if everything is okay. He was at the library all day with no service, allowing Shawna to breathe a sigh of relief. She says to Mia she needs to go to New York and she agrees to go along. Chastity goes to being herself the next morning and life goes on.

The Episode Review

“Seduce and Scheme” playing out loud in the club was an epic moment. Probably the most revelatory moment in the entire season. Episode 4 lived up to its title of showing the clubbing culture rampant among industry professionals and Miami’s nightlife.

We all breathed a big sigh of relief in the end when Cliff messaged Shawna that he was in the library all day. She is paying him a secret visit in New York and that has the innate potential to be quite a ride. The chase sequence was unexpected and sprung out of nowhere. But it was a bit disappointing to see the camera stop at the doorstep.

Following Chastity inside the building might have been more fun and adventurous. We still do not know who that is but one thing is clear: do not mess with Chastity! She is one badass lady and probably the most rebellious character in the show’s universe.

Shawna let loose in this episode and she was certainly a revelation. The Molly-induced stupor is not something new but always fun to see on screen. The dream is still unfulfilled and given the progress until now, it seems an uphill task.

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