Raising Dion – Season 2 Episode 2 “Sankofa” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Raising Dion Season 2 begins two years back with us seeing exactly what happened to Pat following the big fight. He inexplicably returned after the Crooked Energy disappeared. One minute he was dead, and the next he’s not. With the Energy floating away, Pat’s wounds healed and he decided to lay low, starting anew in a little town. Until now.

He saw the Crooked Man in a new host (Brayden, but that’s not known to him right now) and showed up to warn BIONA. Suzanne is still untrusting though, and decides to do as many tests as possible to prove Pat doesn’t have his powers anymore. She ignores Pat’s pleas and keeps him in lock-up.

At school, Brayden continues to stare daggers at Dion. Our little hero starts to realize something is untoward but for now, he remains quiet. Until after class anyway, when he manages to get Dion alone to show him around. The Crooked Man is close to attacking Dion in the hallway but for some reason, he’s unable to take him out.

After class, Dion seizes his opportunity to go and investigate the sinkhole. He manages to find those same strange flowers from before but as they spark to life and begin to reach out, Dion teleports out of there and hurries off with Jonathan.

Back home, Kat starts living with Nicole. She encourages her sister to get Tevin’s number, knowing there’s more going on between them. She even gives her some fashion advice too. Off the back of this, Nicole and Tevin begins to flirt a little after Dion’s session.

Nicole is told about Pat ion confidence and pays him a visit in his cell. Pat reveals the truth about the Crooked Man being out and dangerous, but she too doesn’t believe him. When she leaves the room, Nicole urges Suzanne not to let him out or tell Dion what’s going on. Although her flustered reaction and urging Dion to leave doesn’t exactly help matters.

That night, Dion is approached by Brayden in his room. Only, it’s just a vision of him. Brayden admits that he’s got powers too and with an evil smirk, declares that they’re going to be best friends.

The Episode Review

So thee second episode starts to develop the Crooked Man situation further, with Pat’s incarceration not likely to stay that way for long. I’d imagine we’ll see some sort of redemptive arc for him over the coming episodes, potentially with Pat saving the day and sacrificing himself in the process.

However, the conflict between Brayden and Dion is just starting to get interesting now and it also looks like it’s going to cause quite the stir across school too. How this whole situation plays into the sinkhole and what’s going on there is anyone’s guess at this point.

Raising Dion has been an enjoyable romp thus far though, and with shorter chapters this time around, makes for an easy binge. We’ll have to wait and see what thee rest of the show has in store for us!

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