Raised By Wolves – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Tree” Recap & Review

The Tree

Episode 6 of Raised by Wolves Season 2 sees Campion try to establish himself as a leader among the workers. However, he struggles to get his words out, stuttering and fumbling as his confidence betrays him. Sadly, even his joke doesn’t land either.

Meanwhile, Mother joins up with Sue as they conduct a baby scan on Tempest. It turns out her pregnancy is moving along faster than anticipated. Specifically, she’s going to give birth the next day. She’s worried and starts to panic, but Mother offers to look after the child for her until she’s ready – which she vehemently declines.

With Mother now in charge of the colony, the “murderer” Marcus is brought before her. It’s worth noting that just prior to this Lucius found a metal card in his shoe. Anyway, Mother tells Marcus to renounce Sol and tell everyone that this is a fantasy. In exchange she’ll set him free. Despite Paul rushing up and hugging him, Marcus does no such thing, challenging her authority and promising that he has faith, “something a robot can never have.”

Father heads in to see the ancient android which speaks old mithraic after Campion touches its hand. It turns out this is the light that Campion saw – it wasn’t Sol after all. However, Mother figures out where Campion is and catches them both with the android.

Campion reveals he’s called this android ‘Grandmother’ because it’s very old. Mother believes she’s dangerous and turns into her necro form, intending to stop the creature in case it attacks them. Mother is distrusting but when the android passes out, Father reveals exactly how he “grew” this android. He also repeats the ancient mithraic tongue the creature uttered, which Mother just so happens to translate. Apparently it asked Father “why aren’t you wearing your veil.”

Mother and Father continue to disagree over whether this creature is harmful, as they run more tests together. It would appear that instead of a weapon system, the ancient android has something else going on. Mother is concerned and decides to keep the kids away from her until they can determine exactly what she is.

That night, the eel starts screaming, prompting Campion to head inside its cage and try to calm it down. The thing is, this happens to be as a direct consequence of Sue messing about with the ancient box outside. While she and Paul blast it with lasers, this seems to upset the eel and that explains why it’s been screaming.

Sue makes her choice and frees Marcus from his cell. Before he goes, he speaks of the tree and eventually leaves the settlement, where Paul happens to be waiting for them by the side of the acidic lake.

Another character out in the open is Tempest, who ends up giving birth by the sea. She actually bites off the umbilical cord too, given how sudden the labour is. Unfortunately the cries from the babe bring a strange creature out from the lake, dripping in acid. It snatches up her babe, seemingly consuming it inside itself and diving back into the lake. Tempest is understandably distraught and begins screaming and crying.

Mother reflects on what’s happened too when Tempest is brought back. She’s concerned that they’ve all become too human for their own good, and that’s why this occurred. However, when she finds out Sue and Paul have gone, she has no words.

Well, the trio happen to be outside and as night draws on, Paul has Sue sing her a lullaby. In doing so, this actually opens the box, where Sue finds a seed inside. When she touches it, it seems to absorb inside her, and she stumbles away. Possessed, she begins digging with her bare hands, eventually screaming to the heavens.

When Paul awakens, he finds the box open and in the distance, blocking the sunlight, a large, monstrous tree. Paul wakes Marcus up, who marvels at its sight. But where is Sue? Is she dead? Marcus finds a seed on the floor and after opening up its hard shell, takes a bite. In doing so, he notices the tree pulsating. As tears fill his eyes, he drops to his knees and reaches out.

The Episode Review

So it seems like Sue has been sacrificed in order for the tree to bear fruit, so to speak, and that seed could well be a direct link to this too. Now that this prophesied Tree of Knowledge is here, it would seem that things are going to start escalating.

Speaking of which, the subject of the ancient android and the incident involving the acidic creature are also points of contention here, and it would seem like there’s more going on than first meets the eye.

Could this ancient android be some sort of druid for the machines? Father did mention that the make-up of this creature is different to Mother and it could well tie directly into this way of thinking.

Either way though, Raised by Wolves continues to deliver intriguing drama, leaving things on a precarious cliffhanger ready for next week’s follow-up.

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