Raised By Wolves – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Nature’s Course

Opening Thoughts

If there’s one show that’s likely top ignite Raised By Wolves and turn it into a premium streaming service this is the one. Managing to conjure up some of Ridley Scott’s best sci-fi quips, Raised By Wolves is haunting, atmospheric, thought provoking and unmissable. It also helps that this series is now going to release 2 episodes a week which is a massive bonus.

Finding Paul

Episode 4 of Raised By Wolves begins with Mother searching for Paul. On her way though, she finds a hibernation pod housing a deceased man inside. Paul meanwhile, clings to a log for dear life before falling deep down below. His cries are heard by Mother, who grabs him and puts the boy to sleep before he can hit the ground.

Meanwhile, Marcus joins the other soldiers as they walk across the unforgiving desert. There, they stumble upon a strange black artefact. With a symmetrical shape and five points “just like the prophecy”, they suspect the power of Sol is inside this majestic great structure.

After returning Paul back home, Campion speaks up and tells Mother that Father was very helpful. As she heads out, she also notices the monstrous creature inside one of the rooms. It’s abundantly clear that a rift is growing between Mother and Father right now.

As Father starts making a spear ready to kill the creature, Campion doesn’t agree with his methods. He wants to try and find an alternate means of food. While they talk, Tempest and Mother discuss the difference between Creators and Creations.

Removing The Trackers

Mother crafts a scalpel, forcing Tempest to fall asleep and removing the tracker out of her ankle in the process. Not long after, she does the exact same thing to the other children too. Despite grouping these together, they’re snatched up by an unknown creature who bolts.

Campion and Father work together to try and craft food but unfortunately come up trumps. This leads Father back to Mother where they discuss killing the creature. Although she recommends to do it, Father is defiant as he doesn’t want to seem useless. Instead, he acts like a real Father and gives the children the option of killing the creature themselves. After one of the children pierces it with a spear, the wails are enough to send the rest on their heels and flee.

Elsewhere, Marcus awakens with a piercing ringing in his ears. As he struggles to contain himself, one of the soldiers rips an ear wig out of him. Only, that ear wig comes from their own ranks. Composing himself, Marcus confronts the Leader. It turns out the real culprit of this earwig was actually a malfunctioning android.

Burning The Non-Believer

As the cold draws in, the group grab the explosives and Ambrose convinces them to blow the rock up to head inside. Only, Marcus convinces the others to join him and not falter. After a strange, guttural voice whispers to Marcus, Ambrose chirps up and realizes this isn’t the real Marcus.

It’s too late though and this giant structure starts burning red hot. He grabs Ambrose, burning his face and watching as he turns to a crisp. As Marcus joins the others, he convinces them that Sol has spoken and to follow him.

Mother heads into the forest and finds that same destroyed capsule from before. Plugging herself in, she experiences a litany of flashbacks from the past.

She’s not the only one experiencing flashbacks either. Father checks on the creature but finds Tally behind him giggling and running away. Chasing after her, he calls out for the girl. While he’s gone, the one person who kills the creature happens to be Tempest. After piercing it, she emerges from the building blood-covered and sobbing. It turns out the creature they killed was actually a mother and had a baby inside.

The Episode Review

While a little slower from the previous episodes of the season, Raised By Wolves delivers another decent slice of thought provoking sci-fi. The ideas around right and wrong, as well as the complexity of creators VS creations is absolutely fascinating.

The moral dilemma this raises brings up some big questions that are perfectly captured across the two separate storylines.

While there isn’t a lot here in terms of big set pieces or exciting action, this serves as another important instalment that perfectly captures the essence of what makes sci-fi so endearing.

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