Rain City Drive – Self Titled EP | Album Review

Track List

Waiting On You
Gardens of Misery
Dying For
Nothing Left
Cutting It Close
Blood Runs Cold
If I Was Right


Words have a pivotal place on this release, and the way this band uses them is fundamental to their art. Poetry edges into the centre point of their lives, and it has been used honestly.

Rain City Drive is a band driven by consequence, and they crave assurance. Their music highlights day to day struggles, and the band is focused on giving us an insight into their dysfunctional lives.

The music hits like a storm, and the electric atmosphere doesn’t halt at any moment. It’s those commanding riffs and solid vocals that really become joyous and majestic to listen to. Nothing overwhelms the music, but the themes do spill out.

These themes are dark, morose at times. They also tell us that this band certainly does feel pain and the constraints of a sorrow laden existence. Though, the act is not going to fade out.

‘Gardens Of Misery’ develops on, securing interest quickly. The track bolsters the album, and is truly a standout. Those empowering guitar strokes merge into the thick atmosphere really well.

‘Nothing Left’ doesn’t quell the resilience. The song opens with blistering instrumentals, and the chorus cuts in finely. The vocal work offers sincerity.

‘Eternity’ reminds us that the band can cool things off. Though this track raises the volume perfectly, the chorus frantically becomes a pulsating part of a discerning story.

Rain City Drive has so much to tell and their self-titled release only gives us half the story. Still, it’s a highly enjoyable half all the same.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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