Ragnarok Season 3 Review – An apocalyptically bad ending

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War Is Over —| Rating – 3/5
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Ragnarok —| Rating – 1.5/5


Writing an ending to a memorable story is not easy. When creating something on the small screen in particular, viewers want to be rewarded for their time investment. They want to know that the years they spent watching, discussing, waiting and subsequently enjoying all the material put out across various seasons is given a decent send-off. And the longer the wait, and the more exciting a show, the higher the expectation.

When it comes to Netflix Originals, it’s a miracle we even get an ending these days, but alas, sometimes no ending is better than an outright atrocious one, as evidenced by the apocalyptically bad Ragnarok.

Ragnarok season 3 picks up after the events of season 2. There’s a tenuous peace treaty still in play between the Giants and the Gods, but that threatens to be broken at any moment.

As the season progresses, Magne starts to lose himself to the power of Mjolnir, struggling to determine friend from foe. This eventually culminates in a climactic battle to determine the fate of Edda – and the world at large. At least, that’s the idea anyway.

I’m not about to get into spoilers here but suffice to say, the final two episodes are some of the most anticlimactic drama seen in a fantasy series in quite some time. And it’s so frustrating too because this show has so much potential. The idea of having Norse legends down on Earth, with the fables and tales playing out with a modern lick of paint, is absolutely fascinating and could have had some awesome storytelling. After all, there’s a reason these tales have survived the test of time while stories for “modern audiences” fall by the wayside.

When it comes to Ragnarok however, the show tries to have its cake and eat it. Unfortunately, that cake is a rancid, undercooked mess and the ensuing result is nothing more than a horrible stomach ache. And that’s quite apt because that’s exactly how you’re going to feel when you finish this one.

The final episode leaves numerous plot holes and contrivances in its wake, with the 6 episodes mostly teasing Ragnarok coming and Magne flip-flopping faster than a WWE wrestler between being good and bad. There’s a contrived love triangle thrown in here with Saxa, Magne and Signy, while there’s even a love angle for Laurits too. While the latter is much better handled, there’s one scene of prejudice with a Norwegian local that feels completely crowbarred in and out of place.

It’s hard to find anything noteworthy to praise here, but on the plus side at least there’s only 6 episodes. While the reaction to Manifest was far more positively received, if this show had 20 episodes a season and finished with that finale, there would probably be riots.

Does Ragnarok have the worst TV ending of all time? Well, that’s debatable of course, but it’s definitely up there as one of the most disappointing, tonally jarring and sloppy.

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  • Verdict - 2.5/10

25 thoughts on “Ragnarok Season 3 Review – An apocalyptically bad ending”

  1. Wow; just Wow. And Not in a Good way. I am convinced the writers made up the ending on the spot, while filming the last episode, because it is so contrary to everything that happened before. If this was all in Magne’s head, then what the hell were the scenes between Ran and the psychologist about?? She TELLS the psychologist that “Magne killed her husband”, and that she and her son (who is “not really her son, because they’re all Jotunn”) kept her daughter (who is “not really her daughter”!!) as a SLAVE for the past year because that’s just “something they do”. Magne wasn’t there for those scenes; was he “dreaming” those scenes as something from his comic books? Because….I don’t think the “comic books” had any asgardian psychologists…
    Same for all the scenes between his brother and the Jutuls; Magne just “dreamed” those too???

  2. I also liked the ending. Actually thought it was brilliant and well done and didn’t take away from what was presented in seasons one and two.

  3. It was the worst season 3. The writing was terrible and wasn’t engaging like season 1and 2. It made the actors who are great actors but the story line made them look bad. The scene they showed of his mom on honeymoon sipping tropical cocktails by FaceTime and assuming they were in the tropics but not the actual landscape to show where they were. I realize it’s a low budget film but could have used some kind of blue screen backdrop. There wasn’t much thought in making the final a cliffhanger and the characters were too much tongue and cheek…. It’s like they didn’t enough ideas for the final.

  4. I agree that 1 & 2 was awesome!…so I was waiting for more action in series 3 …the end was boring..the ending stunk! What a disappointment.

  5. Here’s my take – if he’d been imagining the battle and the real world had carried on as it was and the end scene had been what it was it wouldn’t have been that disappointing. It would have had that – this is what could have happened let’s make sure it doesn’t – feel that the end of Twilight (sorry if you hate those films) had. But instead they alluded heavily to the notion that it was ALL in his head. ALL of it, even stuff that happened when he wasn’t there? So not only did it entirely negate the contents of the previous two amazing seasons and make a mockery of how much we loved the fantasy element; it just didn’t make sense. And any ambiguity as to whether that was the case was kind of settled with the presence of Fjor at the little gathering. Saxa went to school with them but Fjor was never anyone’s friend! And for those trying to act superior by saying it was a clever twist – watch it again. I guarantee there were no obvious nods and it will be apparent that someone got lazy or someone got pissed off and decided to ruin it. Also mental health issue don’t just suddenly pass like that… just nonsense.
    Even with Lost you had an inclining that they were what were the whole time so it wasn’t that big of a reveal!
    I’ve never been so disappointed in a final season ever.
    All they need to do is take out the stuff about him being mentally unwell. Leave it ambiguous. That’s all it would take!! I’d love to know from the writers if that was the intention all along.

  6. I watched the first 2 seasons in 2 days and i couldn’t start season 3 quick enough.
    Worst ending ever.
    The series is captivating, and is set in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and each episode makes you crave for the next.
    To give it that ending is a bit sad really, because the only reason people will talk about about this series, is how bad the ending actually was.
    Ragnarok deserves to be classed as one of the best series ever made, but it will only be remembered for the wrong reasons.

  7. they went with the metal health cliché that is in right now… YAAAAWWWWNNNN.. have some balls and make something noteworthy, Jesus Christ that was a bad ending. I enjoyed 1 & 2, but I’m assuming this show is now over with. oh well.. VIKINGS is a more noteworthy show to continue, wish a far wider budget I’m sure.

  8. As a Norwegian, I loved the two seasons. I was really looking forward to the end battle. And I get this sloppy, boring, Thunder of god throwing Thor magazine in the trash at the end. I Needed more than that.. it was.. Crap!!!! I wanted excitement, good fighting, save the world 🌎 Odin rise to his true self. Nah, badly written to a good show.

  9. The ending grounds us back to reality. Some can cope with it, some cannot. Reality does not look that bad for Magne but it does look bad for Thor.

    Was Magne ever Thor, or just a kid wanting to cope with reality ?

    Loved the ending.

  10. I am surprised to see so many people being disappointed. I really liked the ending because it came as a real surprise! And why must there always be death and destruction to create a new world?
    I even wonder whether war and destruction going on in the real world might have swung the producers towards a peaceful finale.
    What was the alternative? Blood, gore and total destruction, everyone dies. Then reset and no one remembers anything – or everything? Seen that. Boring.
    Also, it is not clear whether it was all only hallucinations or might have been real. And these are the best story endings when they leave some things open to the viewers imagination!
    And the final cover song gave me goosebumps…

  11. I absolutely hated the final season….without giving away spoilers….I felt I had wasted watching the first two seasons and loving it….Just how I felt after watching Premonition! I was like WTF….and literally had to pause from disbelief whilst it was unfolding…..

  12. Trash. Absolutely the laziest writing ever. IF they wanted to make it about mental health then they could have done more in previous episodes but instead it felt like the writer just felt like “not sure how to end this one so let’s just make it all a dream”. Absolute BS and a complete waste of time.

  13. It was a totally different, unexpected but absolutely brilliant ending . It chose to focus on mental health issues and what someone did to cope with it. Great job 👍

  14. Agree 100%. Epically bad like Game of Thrones. They should go back and redo the ending to this. Horrible!

  15. Hey Albino, thanks for commenting and I appreciate your feedback. In regards to this: “There’s no review of the final episode here”, we have a separate spoiler-filled review of the final episode via the link above to episode 6. Each of our recaps go into spoiler territory about what’s happened in that chapter.

    In regards to this full season review, we write it intentionally vague with a generalized outline of the season to avoid spoilers. Not everyone who reads a review has seen the show, and spoilers are incredibly annoying while reading. We tend to try and give an outline of the series, and those generalizations are intentional for the above reasons!

    There are some amazing critics out there, including those you listed, and the beauty with this job is that everyone has a different opinion. One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure, as they say. I’m glad you enjoyed the final episode and really appreciate you taking the time to comment and for the honest feedback!

    Greg W

  16. Your mission is ‘to become one of the best review websites on the internet’ but, after reading this whiney drivel posing as a review, you guys have failed in your mission. There’s no review of the final episode here. You mainly just complain via vague generalizations while sprinkling in a couple of tidbits about the actual show’s content. I liked the finale, especially it’s closing moments. Sweet, nuanced and probably not what most people were expecting. Read some Peter Travers or A.O. Scott if you need tips on what good reviews should look like.

  17. Reminds me of how I felt with the ending of the show Roseanne. It wasn’t planned and so they rushed an ending that didn’t make sense. Total disrespect to the viewers. I was looking forward tobthe final battle aka, Ragnarok and they give me blips of what should have been in minuets?!?!? Total let down! Changed my “like”. Not that it matters. Netflix is going to do whatever they want now that they are so big. I was mad that it was only 6 episodes but I was ok w that thinking that at least 1 episode was going to be the final battle. Not that magna was crazy the whole time!

  18. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they were all informed they lost funding right as they finished filming episode 5. It was already a rather weak season, but episode 6…. I don’t think a tv show has ever disappointed me so much. It was an insulting ending, a great big slap in the face to the fan base.. There has to be a reason they messed it up so much, I mean honestly, there was nothing in the show even suggesting the series was going to wrap up until episode 6. There’s no way that anyone involved in production could have imagined this ending would be taken well.

  19. I actually really liked the ending. I thought it was well done showing him putting down the hammer rather than seeing all of those deaths he’d foreseen come to pass. And then the steps toward signy before falling to his knees like in the mythology. It was really well done and it left everyone he cared about alive and well.

  20. What the hell is this… episodes 6 this is climax of ragnarok???? Really ??seriously?? Too ridiculous
    I am very disappoint to watch this ending i have never think about it.

    Season 1 & 2 was great and its created fan base but season 3 overall doesn’t justify.. i am not happy to watch this

  21. Absolutely gutted. Loved seasons 1 & 2… but the final season not only left so many loose ends, but also left the suggestion that it had all been down to magna’s mental heath. It made no sense… at all. I usually love nordic sci-fi genre such as jordskott but feel very short changed.

  22. Right up there with “Sopranos”. Ragnarök’s Series Finale stunk enough to claim Legendary Television Suckness. Bad. Dear god, so, so bad. 😂

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