Ragnarok – Season 2 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Ragnarok Season 2 begins with Magne joining the ranks of this ragtag group of misfits. They intend to break into Jutul Industries to forge Mjolnir in the eternal fire. They all pledge their lives to this cause, as Wotan serves as a distraction while the others hide out and prepare to take the hammer down to the basement.

As we soon find out, Laurits actually had a hand in all this. A sketchy Magne managed to convince him to hand over the key, which allows them access to the factory. The group soon figure out where the fire is located though; a small pocket of embers burning lazily in the middle of the basement.

Iman keeps a lookout as Fjor shows up before him. The two fight while cutting to the hammer being forged. Fjor overpowers each of the different soldiers, with Mjolnir forged but missing a long hilt. Instead, this little stump will have to do, as Magne manages to slip away just as police show up on the scene.

When Magne arrives home again, he’s surprised by Turid and Laurits who celebrate his birthday. Magne has obviously completely forgotten and he’s put on the spot. To make matters worse, all of his merry band of misfits are either under surveillance or hurt… and the hammer doesn’t work. Yay, go team?

The ongoing environmental issues continue as Morten leads the charge on TV. He informs everyone that they have enough evidence to take Jutul down, and also evidence of tax evasion too. Saxa implores her brother to hold a press conference, as he finds himself flustered.

Fjor eventually shows up and tells everyone that he’s thinking about stopping production and moving everything across to Asia. It’s enough of a shock to the system for the government to step in and agree to keep things going – but under the promise that Jutul help with the clean-up operation.

Magne is furious, and it’s enough for him to start conjuring up his powers back home. There’s a few random scenes here, including Iman and Harry kissing because… why not I guess? And Laurits feeding his pet tapeworm; Turid also has big news. She’s got a new job and Erik has invited her along for drinks.

Eventually Magne manages to control his powers again as a storm brews outside. Laurits arrives and realizes his brother lied about the key when he notices the hammer. This fulfills part of the prophecy as Magne was told he’d have to betray one close to him.

In a touch of deja vu to the first season, Magne heads outside and manages to conjure forth the lightning, letting it flow through Mjolnir and gaining his powers back.

At the same time, Saxa is betrayed by Ran and Fjor who knock her down and beat the girl for treason. Magne eventually shows up at their house holding Mjolnir, where he notices Saxa lying on the floor in a bloody mess.

She took the punishment that was meant for Laurits, keeping him safe. Well, Saxa decides they should team up together for this coming fight. To seal the deal they wrestle a little before *checks notes* sleeping with each other.

Anyway, Magne eventually shows up to help just in time as Fjor and Ran have Laurits on the ropes. With Ran pointing her bow and arrow at his face, Laurits promises that he has something that can destroy them all.

Magne interjects with Mjolnir, ripping it through Fjor’s car and engulfing it in flames. Fjor and Ran however, manage to get away. Magne holds Laurits and reminds him he’ll always be his brother.

We then skip forward to see Laurits freeing the tapeworm which is now confirmed to be Jörmungandr (or the World Serpent) and letting it loose. The intent here is to allow it to grow to the giant size it was always destined to be, ready to fight Magne in the future.

The Episode Review

So season 2 of Ragnarok finishes much like the first – with no conclusion. In fact, there’s absolutely no resolution to any of the plot points across the season. Even worse, the most interesting character in the show (Vidar) has been killed off and there’s still no word of when this big fight will take place.

It’s been two seasons of teasing prophecies and half-baked subplots that ultimately amount to 6 episodes of absolutely nothing. Sure, Magne decides to give up his powers and then return to the same state he was at the end of season 1 but there’s no justification for it. In fact, there’s no big moral dilemma about the powers because no one really learns anything and there’s no consequences for their actions.

The only stand-out character here is Laurits. Seeing him tumble down the Loki path, with Jörmungandr freed and his own sexual identity questioned, is about the only glimmer of a compelling character arc this season.

Instead, most of this follow-up is consumed by climate change protests, environmental issues and political corporation power-plays. While interesting, it isn’t exactly what you’d expect to go hand in hand with a show about Norse mythology and Gods.

It’s like ordering a Chinese take-out and receiving a cheeseburger along with your egg fried rice. Sure, it’s a welcome sight but it’s not exactly a great palate cleanser alongside what you actually ordered.

So alas, season 2 bows out with an indifferent whimper rather than a mighty, Odin-like roar, setting things up for a third season that looks to be in danger of following the exact same formula this one has. Will Ragnarok be renewed again? We’ll have to wait and see.

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