Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Negotiation and True Nature

Episode 9 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with a flashback. It involves a meeting between Starlia and Lieutenant General Pereiro. Starlia kills Pereiro because he is plotting a coup d’etat with a neighboring country. She knew he was plotting against their people thanks to her abilities. In the present, Crimsom executes a strategy that’ll allow him to fool Starlia and avoid her ability. Despite offering a convincing tale, Starlia reads through Crimson’s lies and truths. 

Starlia explains her abilities in greater detail to Crimson. While Crimson’s aura falls within the blue (truth) category, Starlia senses something fishy deriving from him. Starlia goes into detail about her knack for sensing one’s true nature. She tells Crimson that she senses a pitch-black mass of death emanating from him. As such, she orders her men to fight Crimson. Crimson accepts his fate but Ragna steps in to save him. Suddenly. Starlia starts to lose her composure and the two wonder why. 

Crimson believes Ragna’s immense strength and fusion with his silver sword is causing her to act this way. In reality, Starlia sees Ragna as a walking sword with arms and legs. While at a total loss for words, we cut to a flashback involving Starlia and her tutor Nazarena. Nazarena informs Starlia that she’s not grounded anymore and must return to the castle. Due to Starlia dedicating time to her wordsmith activities, Nazarena says her marriage engagement has been called off. 

Nazarena’s worried because she won’t reap the rewards for helping Starlia successfully marry someone. Starlia tells her to find someone suitable to her interests if she wants to avoid issues. While Starlia is infatuated with Ragna, Ragna tells them he and Crimson are willing to cooperate. One of Starlia’s people locks Crimson and Ragna in a jail cell. He says he’ll return when they’ve made a thorough decision. Ragna and Crimson use this time to discuss their qualms with each other. 

Crimson restores Slime and gives Ragna a breakdown of the situation they’re in. We cut to two of Starlia’s men discussing what they should do with Crimson and Ragna. We learn Ragna defeated one of Starlia’s best men, Master Garm. We receive a breakdown of Garm’s feats and accomplishments. While they engage in amusing gossip about Ragna, Starlia, and other things, we cut to Starlia, who can’t stop thinking about Ragna. 

Nazarena pummels Starlia and tells her she’s become incompetent due to falling in love with Ragna. Nazarena tells Starlia it’s nice that she’s found someone to love and reminds her of her achievements (so far). While it’s great she’s in love, Nazarena says she should remember to fulfill her leadership duties. Starlia promises to live up to her status as we transition to Ultimatia apologizing to her god for her failures. Her god (who happens to be her sister) asks her why she failed to protect her from something.

Ultimatia awakens from the nightmare and the episode closes with her realizing her powers aren’t as grandiose as they used to be.  

The Episode Review

Ragna Crimson episode 9 gives viewers some interesting details and humor surrounding Princess Starlia’s character. Although Crimson failed to weasel his way out of his tight predicament through the initial means, Ragna’s appearance offered him the luck he needed to escape death. Seeing Starlia fall head over heels for Ragna and her perception of him as a walking human sword says a lot about her character too. 

While the earlier portion of this chapter depicted her as this menacing leader, this moment shows that she’s a human at heart with many faults. Nonetheless, it’s best for Ragna and Crimson to keep their guards up. As for Ultimatia, this episode alludes to a conflict she had with her sister. Based on the flashback, we can speculate she failed to save her sister from a threat.

What caused her sister’s demise is yet to be determined. However, we can infer that it was due to illness or murder. Nonetheless, we can see how this matter, alongside her fear of Ragna, has gravely impacted her ability to use her time control powers.

Overall, this was an intriguing chapter and many fans will appreciate the snippets we receive from Starlia’s past in addition to the bit involving Ultimatia and her “godly sister”. Hopefully, Ragna and Crimson can find a way around their situation so they can continue their dragon hunt. 

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