Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with residents from Lese getting evacuated due to the upcoming dragon attack. Meanwhile, Ultimatia converses with the beheaded dragon she showed to Lese in the prior chapter. She says they’ll be giving this kingdom’s people a splendid demise in 10 days and warns him that the ninth seat, Dornea, was defeated by this kingdom’s second princess Starlia Lese. Ultimatia tells him she sent Taratectra (5th Seat) and Zora (6th Seat) after her. 

She alarms him of three other members who’ve disappeared. She unsuspends this superior dragon and wants him to attack this new threat. His name is Woltekamui and he happens to be the Second Seat. We see Future Ragna battered up by Ultimatia’s and the other Blood of the Wing members.  Although they debate on what they should do with Ragna, Woltekamui suggests they keep him alive. Ultimatia asks the others to let Ragna join their bloodline, baffling them. 

She introduces herself to Ragna and remarks how dragon hunters from a kingdom she destroyed used a similar blade as his. Another member of the Blood of the Wing informs Ragna Ultimatia wants to turn him into a dragon. The superior dragons reveal they used to be human, but Ultimatia gave them an opportunity to become superior dragons. Ragna belittles these superior dragons for killing Leo and his people. Ultimatia inserts the Blade of Blood into Ragna, turning him into one of them. 

Fortunately, this was a dream as current Ragna awakens next to Crimson and Slime inside a train. While Ragna compares Ultimatia and Crimson, Crimson contemplates a strategy to ambush Ultimatia before arriving at the capital. Crimson’s banking on Ragna defeating Ultimatia but plans to assist him if he loses. Meanwhile, Ultimatia contemplates her God’s wishes and grieves over he fallen comrades inability to serve their God. 

In the capital, Crimson wants Ragna to refer to them as Veronica as he reveals he gets sick whenever he’s in crowds. Nonetheless, he promises Crimson if he sees Ultimatia, he won’t hesitate to kill her. Crimson heads off somewhere and asks Ragna not to stand out. Crimson questions the scenario everyone’s in. Meanwhile, two of Ultimatia’s companions argue over matters as one of them informs the other that Ultimatia is currently wandering the capital’s Old District area in disguise. 

Crimson meets with General Rowan, who happens to be an underling of theirs named Golem that they ordered to impersonate as a soldier. Suddenly, another companion of the others named Chimera arrives. Crimson tells them that they plan to have Ragna defeat Ultimatia soon. Suddenly, Ragna and Slime visit a meeting held by one of Lese’s generals. He shows the remaining people of the Kingdom’s some dead dragons and promises they’ll defeat the dragons who want to ruin the kingdom. 

Suddenly, Ragna passes by a woman and a kid and has a hunch it’s Ultimatia. He recalls Crimson’s words about not engaging in a fight with Ultimatia if they cross paths. The episode closes with Ragna hesitating to strike. 

The Episode Review

Ragna, Crimson, and Slime finally arrive at the capital and it appears Crimson’s brewing a clever plan to defeat Ultimatia. While this episode provides fans with interesting set-up for a future bout, ultimately, it feels rather confusing and inconsistent from a timeline and narrative perspective. Never once has Ragna and Crimson brought up knowing Ultimatia and the other superior dragons in the past.

Therefore, audiences would’ve adored receiving a scenario where the two discuss these superior dragons in depth. Furthermore, the flash-forward dream scenario could’ve been explained better to leave audiences less confused by it all. Although Crimson refers to it as  a dream, it’s likely Ragna recalled a moment from his future counterpart. 

Mostly, the episode would’ve benefitted from better explanations and some useful subtitles indicating what “point in time” we were in for those scenes. Besides that, the episode contains some fun comedy sketches between Ultimatia and her allies and Crimson and Ragna that some will enjoy. On top of giving us a thrilling encounter between Ultimatia and Ragna toward the end, we can expect some compelling battles ahead. While this wasn’t a stupendous chapter, it promises interesting developments ahead. 

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