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Episode 4 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with Michael boosting his team’s morale as Trois plans to demolish him, Crimson, and the others for mocking him and his god. Michael shoots Trois with Silver-powered bullets, confusing Trois. Crimson leads Trois to a closed-off location, resulting in him losing his focus, ruining his tornado, and hurling into the sky. Ragna uses his Silverine Battle Arts to grab Trois in the air and set him on a spear held by Michael and his men. 

Trois somehow escapes but Crimson runs him over. Fatally wounded, Michael and his men shoot more bullets into Trois, resulting in his defeat. Crimson says Trois could’ve won the battle easily. However, since they provoked him with their words, he couldn’t concentrate, leading to his inevitable demise. While Crimson laughs, Ragna acknowledges Crimson’s dangerous and noteworthy feats and believes they’ll help him achieve his goal of defeating every dragon in their universe. 

Crimson supplies Michael and his men with equipment and wipes their memories of them before departing ways. Afterwards, Crimson pulls out a radio. Crimson, Slime, and Ragna listen to the Lese Royal Army’s news report about a dragon attack happening in a nearby city. Ragna, Crimson, and Slime plan to visit their location to fight the dragons. Five days earlier, King Femud Lese holds a meeting with someone and they discuss Donapierru’s downfall. 

Lese orders his men to form a unit of troops and send them over as aid. He wants them to recruit dragon hunters for additional support and stay clear of any superior dragons. Suddenly, a Monarch (Angel-Winged Dragon) named Ultimatia introduces herself to Lese. Lese’s surprised Ultimatia made it through his kingdom’s defenses and barrier. Ultimatia says it’s taking its effect on her but she knows how to bear through the pain a little bit. 

Lese admits there’s no record of her taking action, despite Ultimatia being the First Seat of the Blood of the Wing. Ultimatia says she’s halted time but promises Lese his people won’t be harmed during this process. She doesn’t want to cause a ruckus with his people, which is why she chose to greet him in this fashion. Ultimatia says she’s come to apologize and presents Lese with one of her comrades, whose head has been severed from his body and resides on a sharpened sword. 

Lese’s unsure what to do, so he accepts Ultimatia’s apology. Unfortunately, Ultimatia feels Lese’s kingdom must be destroyed because her god decreed it. Ultimatia confirms she made preparations with other dragons in advance. She plans to have them attack nearby towns and permit anyone to leave those areas. Lese tells her to call off her attack because this would mean she’s going to war with his country. Ultimatia believes it won’t come to that because it will be a one-sided bloodbath.

Lese attempts to use his kingdom’s weapon to destroy Ultimatia, but her subjects protect her. She scolds one of her subjects for seriously hurting Lese, resulting in her turning back time to redo their mistake. She apologizes to Lese for her subordinate’s attack. While Lese panics over Ultimatia’s godly powers, she asks him to cooperate with her. She wants him to help her make everyone’s inevitable demise as insufferable as possible.

The episode closes with Lese shaking Ultimatia’s hand in agreement. 

The Episode Review

After last week’s finale teased us with an interesting bout between Crimson and their allies against Trois, many wondered how it’d all play out. While the battle itself was more strategic than action-centric, it was a nice change of pace from previous bouts. Additionally, it goes to show folks that relying on brute strength and ability isn’t always necessary to defeat a powerful foe. 

I’m interested to see how Crimson, Ragna, and Slime will tackle their next superior dragon enemy in the future. However, they’ll need to rely on more than Crimson’s cunningness if they hope to stand toe to toe with Ultimatia and her subordinates. Not only does this episode demonstrate Crimson’s feats but it gives us a taste of what Ultimatia can do. 

From manipulating time to having a somewhat pleasant personality, this chapter gave fans a nice introduction to her character. The series has done a swell job at differentiating the superior dragons from each other from a design and character perspective. Hopefully, it’ll continue doing so in the coming episodes ahead. Overall, I’m anticipating great things with this upcoming war-centric storyline this chapter sets up regarding Ultimatia and her deity’s plan. Hopefully, Ragna, Crimson, and Slime can put a stop to it. 

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