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Episode 3 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with a superior dragon torturing women while refugees fight dragons. Ragna’s combatting a few dragons elsewhere while Crimson and some warriors watch. In a flashback, Ragna and Crimson seal their deal. Then, Crimson’s servant Slime scolds Ragna for his manners toward Crimson. Crimson stops Slime and asks Ragna questions about their future. Ragna doesn’t recall most of them, making Crimson just him. 

Ragna says he has vague memories of the future. Crimson thinks a specific trigger is necessary for Ragna to recall his missions. Ragna tells Crimson that he can use all the Silverine Battle Arts his future self bestowed him with. Crimson says he wants Ragna to murder dragons and for him and the warriors to use the Silverine Battle Arts. Crimson introduces Ragna and shows off their magic to the people to get them excited about it. 

A dragon hunter named Michael asks Crimson and Ragna to fight a superior dragon named Disas Trois who they failed to defeat in Tortiere City. Ragna falls to the ground and Crimson explains why he can’t continue dragon hunting in this state. Crimson plans to use Ragna’s Silverine Battle Arts. They decline the people’s offer to fight Trois because they don’t want them to give up their dragon hunter lifestyle by forking over their equipment to Crimson. 

Crimson asks Michael why they’re concerned about Trois since they have no obligation to fight for this country. Crimson assumes they want to defeat Trois because they fled the battle like cowards and want to redeem themselves. Crimson coerces the men to not give up on fighting and Michael speaks for his comrades. He says he wishes he and his comrades had the power Crimson and Ragna possess. Crimson promises to hand Michael Ragna’s Reaper Blade. This will allow him and his comrades to defeat Trois to redeem themselves. 

Crimson, Michael, and the others visit Tortiere and visit a shed full of guns powered by Ragna’s Silverine Battle Arts. Crimson notices Ragna looks upset and Ragna wishes they wouldn’t turn him into a spectacle or call them a Reaper in front of Michael and the others. Furthermore, Ragna is worried those men will die and feels they shouldn’t get involved with Trois. Crimson tells Ragna they don’t want him to lose his drive to murder dragons and asks Ragna to come clean about their feelings. 

Ragna says the thought of losing people like Leo would break his heart and Crimson thanks Ragna for opening up to them. Crimson jokes about capturing Leo and trapping her inside the gun armory in a coffin. They say it would prevent Ragna from losing focus and Ragna attempts to punch Crimson but can’t. Crimson jokes about being a jerk and tells Ragna to know his place. They tell Ragna to stay put and continue infusing bullets with his Silverine. 

Crimson promises to defeat the Trois and to use the soldiers as pawns. Moreover, Crimson shows Ragna what it feels like to be cursed by putting a shotgun in their mouth and pulling the trigger. Crimson appears to have died but gets resurrected. They tell Ragna this is what it means to be cursed and want him to stop prattling on about that to them. Slime informs Crimson that Trois is still torturing the women with his tornado powers.

Crimson plans to let Trois continue torturing them and doesn’t want Michael, his group, or Ragna to know about this. Crimson drives Michael, his group, and Ragna to Trois’s location the following day and mocks Trois. Trois throws a tangent and plans to kill Crimson and his allies for belittling him.

The episode closes with Crimson telling everyone to prepare for battle. 

The Episode Review

Ragna Crimson episode 3 gives fans a pleasant set-up chapter for the Crimson and Ragna’s first battle against The Tempest Cell, Trois. Unfortunately, it appears Ragna will be sitting this fight out to give some background characters time to shine. While the idea of Ragna having the ability to lend his Silverine Battle Arts to others is nifty, it’s a shame we won’t get to see him combat Trois. 

Nonetheless, viewers will adore seeing his powers get fleshed out more, similar to Crimson this week. This episode shows multiple sides to Crimson’s personality, allowing audiences to get a genuine feel for their character. The first and second episodes gave fans a taste of what to expect with Crimson, but this third chapter delves into that further, which is a nice touch. 

Not only can Crimson seemingly revive after a fatal attack, but they wield many magical capabilities that help them stand out. Furthermore, Crimson’s crafty and sadistic personality is a nice foil to Ragna’s kind-hearted one. It’ll be interesting to see them butt heads with each other in future chapters since the banter between them this week was enticing to hold viewers’ attention.

Overall, this was a decent and slightly informative chapter of the series. I’m excited to see our protagonists fight Trois next week. 

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