Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Beginning of the Story

Episode 2 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with some humans feeding Lord Temruogtaf some pie. Although he likes the pie, he proceeds to eat the chef and his workers. Temruogtaf says his god demanded he destroy all humans, giving him free rein to devour every human in the country.

Meanwhile, Sykes and Leo deal with the mobile forest. Sykes realizes a dragon is responsible for this forest dilemma. After sensing Leo is in danger, Ragna awakens and uses his powers to free the forest’s branches. He dashes through the forest and finds Lord Temruogtaf and kicks him.

Ragna wants to avoid losing everyone like in the vision he received prior to receiving his future/past self’s abilities. He vows to slay every dragon out there to protect those he cares about. He notices the girl that was accompanying Lord Temruogtaf and calls her Crimson. The girl doesn’t know what he’s talking about because her name is Elise. Ragna knows the person’s name is really Eliza and starts sharing information related to Eliza. 

Ragna states Eliza is really a 14-year-old boy whose employer’s estate was attacked by a dragon, resulting in Eliza going missing. Ragna says that’s what his future self told him. The person argues their name is Elise and doesn’t know what Ragna’s talking about. Ragna switches gears and calls Elise Crimson, a former progenitor of the Blood of the Wing and a Winged Monarch. He states Crimson is labeled as a traitor due to his attempts at almost slaying the Dragon God.

 Ragna says Crimson’s responsible for linking his future self’s powers with him. Additionally, Ragna reveals Crimson wants to wipe out all of dragonkind, including Crimson himself. Ragna asks the current Crimson to use his powers to help with the dragon’s annihilation process. He hopes they can surpass their future selves. Elise slaps Ragna and runs away. Leo shows up to aid Ragna as Lord Temruogtaf attempts to harm Ragna since Ragna kicked him in the face. 

Ragna defeats Temruogtaf with his powers and Leo acknowledges his strength. Ragna asks Leo to guide the remaining townsfolk across the border and says he’ll be staying behind to take care of something important. Leo refuses and accidentally blurts out that Ragna should be obeying her commands and not the other way around. Ragna contemplates Leo’s situation, remembering that she’s younger than he is, making him feel weak that he leeched on her and didn’t have the skill necessary to protect her before. 

Ragna tells Leo he respects her for what she’s done for him. However, since he’s a capable warrior and wants to protect her, Ragna suggests they go their separate ways. Ragna tells Leo she’s weaker than him and that she’ll die if they stay together. Leo attempts to hurt Ragna out of sadness, but Ragna stops her attack and says goodbye. Leo wakes up in Sykes’s care. Sykes tells her they and the remaining townspeople left based on Ragna’s advice. 

Leo recalls an intimate moment she had with Ragna during her youth. She cries, knowing that she may never see him again. Elise approaches Ragna and asks him if it is wise for him to confront Leo like that. Ragna says it was for the best. They wish Ragna the best of luck on their hunt and still don’t know why Ragna keeps referring to them as Crimson and a male. Ragna reveals Crimson can swap their sex and age at will, but Elise confirms she doesn’t possess that ability. 

Ragna recalls something Crimson said about their paths crossing soon. Crimson warns Ragna that it’ll be difficult to get their past self to trust him. To gain Elise’s trust, Ragna informs them about the various things he did for Leo. He promises he’ll do the same things for Elise if they agree to follow through with his dragon-slaying plans. Elise refuses as Ragna falls to the ground in an unconscious manner.

We cut to Ragna and Crimson’s future selves’ first encounter. It’s revealed that Ragna was telling the truth as we see Elise (aka Crimson) dawning a similar form. Crimson asks future Ragna to join forces in slaying dragonkind. Ragna awakens at a campfire with Elise. Elise asks Ragna if Lord Temruogtaf is speaking the truth about the dragons’ plans to destroy the kingdom. Ragna confirms Lord Temruogtaf’s plans. He says they must hurry and defeat the dragons and their leader, the Winged Monarch, to save the world. 

Ragna confirms their future selves pulled it off, but feels they can get the job done sooner than they did. Elise contemplates for a bit as we receive a solid confirmation that Elise is Crimson. Crimson’s shocked Ragna knows about their true for. This version of Crimson states they analyzed Ragna’s body while he was out cold. Crimson learns Ragna’s body is fused with a silver sword and generates and emits silverine. Crimson is fascinated by learning more about Ragna’s powers and aims to use his strength to murder every dragon. 

Ragna spots a dragon flying over them as Crimson reveals it’s heading in the same direction as Sykes, Leo, and the others. They flee to stop this dragon from harming everyone. Ragna and Crimson catch up to the dragons and Ragna defeats them with his battle arts and swords. Crimson analyzes one of Ragna’s blades and says it’d be beneficial to give an army of soldiers a blade like Ragna’s. Crimson summons their slime companion and reveals their true form. 

Crimson says they’re willing to accept Ragna’s offer. However, Crimson hands Ragna a vial of poison and requests he drink it. Crimson promises it’ll only affect Ragna if he decides to disobey their orders. Ragna doesn’t hesitate and Crimson wonders why. Ragna says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect people from the dragons. Crimson says Ragna will serve as their tool and together they’ll butcher the six dragon bloodlines and then the dragon’s god. 

Crimson says once they succeed on that front, they want Ragna to murder them to end it all. The episode concludes with Ragna and Crimson going forward with their plans. 

The Episode Review

Ragna Crimson episode 2 gives viewers the long-awaited deal between Ragna and Crimson. Both characters have their reasons for exterminating dragonkind and many fans can’t wait to see them challenge the superior dragons who stand in their way at peace. At the same time, many viewers may be disappointed at Ragna for treating Leo the way he did. 

Yet, if Ragna wants to protect Leo from suffering from a deadly fate, it makes sense for him to cut ties with her. Moreover, many fans may be more interested to see how Crimson and Ragna’s relationship will evolve. Other anime have had dark and light entities evolve their dynamic gradually over time.

It’s possible Crimson will develop a deeper appreciation and newfound respect for Ragna as they tackle their shared set of obstacles. We’ll have to wait and see what the series’s creator plans to do to make that inevitable goalpost feel authentic.

The episode was a bit difficult to follow at times concerning the back-and-forth Crimson Vs Elise debate segments. Other than that, episode 2 was a fun and insightful set-up chapter. I’m excited to see where Crimson and Ragna’s dragon-slaying endeavors lead them in future episodes.

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