Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Day The Reaper Was Born

Episode 1 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with a warrior walking away from several dragons and hoping to become stronger. Then, we cut to our protagonist Ragna being saved by a girl named Leo. Ragna thanks Leo for saving him by patting her head. Then, Ragna explains why dragons are his world’s natural enemy and how humans murder them in this world. He states you can freeze their blood with silverine or incinerate their bodies through sunlight. 

Ragna and Leon head for the Guildhall in Ronabera City. He explains those who make a living killing dragons to save people are called dragon hunters and Leo’s known for killing the most dragons despite being 12 years old. Ragna states that Leo is a heroic figure to him. A dragon hunter named Sykes, known for being number two in this world, mocks Ragna for leeching off of Leon. Leo stops Sykes from taunting Ragna more and says she plans to become the strongest among the dragon hunters and hunt the Dragon God one day. 

Leo and Ragna return to their quarters to get some shut-eye. Ragna heads outside to train but feels he’ll never reach Leo’s level. However, as long as he can be useful to Leo, he’s fine with being a novice dragon hunter. Suddenly, a man startles Ragna, causing him to have a strange dream where dragons are murdering people, including Leo. He snaps out of it and wonders what happened. After eating dinner, Ragna and Leo visit the Guildhall. Everyone complains because there are no available quests. 

Ragna has the same dream multiple times and it starts irritating him. Meanwhile, Sykes and other dragon hunters question the low dragon activity as of late. They question if the dragons have migrated to a new location called Donapierru. At the same time, Ragna continues pondering that dream and the man who was warning him about something. Leo snaps Ragna out of his trance and asks him to tell her what’s been bothering him. Ragna admits he wishes he could help Leo in some form. 

Leo tells Ragna that she’d like them to be on equal grounds and promises to protect him until that time arrives. Ragna reveals that everyone who has taken him in was murdered by dragons. This is why many people believe he’s cursed. However, Leo took him in despite his cursed status and we see the two hunting dragons together during their youth. Ragna admits he can never see Leo die before he does. He vows to be by Leo’s side before he’s inevitably murdered by a dragon. 

Ragna and Leo visit the Guildhall and everyone learns Donapierru has fallen to the dragons, worrying them. Suddenly, Ragna gets a weird sensation and everyone leaves the guild to see the city in chaos. Ragna urges Leo to run away because he believes his dream will come true but she refuses. We witness dragons kill many of the city’s soldiers. Suddenly, their leader (superior dragon) steps out of the shadows to murder more of them. Ragna spots a “superior dragon” and notices he’s using the same move that killed Leo in his dream. 

Ragna tries murdering the superior dragon but fails and gets chucked into the river. Leo orders Sykes to save Ragna while she combats the superior dragon. As Ragna sinks deeper into the water, he gets visited by the man from his dream. The man says he’s Ragna from the future and past. Future/Past Ragna scolds Ragna for his weakness because he failed to protect Leo due to his weak status and leeching habits. Furthermore, he wishes he could’ve had the strength he has now to protect Leo. 

The current Ragna asks him to give him his power. Future/Past Ragna bestows our Ragna with his potential, allowing Ragna to become stronger. Despite the price Ragna must pay for this power, he says he’ll worry about it later. Leo asks the superior dragon if he’s the dragon god, and the being says he’s the seventh sea of the Blood of the Wing, Grymwette. Grymwette reveals why their master decided to have his army lay waste to this kingdom. Before he kills Leo, Ragna steps in and defeats every one of his dragon henchmen. 

Future Ragna explains he fought countless battles to the point where and his sword became one. He explains what else he learned during his redemption training including an ultimate technique that can lay waste to dragonkind. Grymwette gets annoyed that Ragna is instilling fear in him and transforms into something fierce. Ragna freezes Grymwette and defeats him. Ragna cries in Leo’s arms since he successfully protected her from dying. 

Ragna acknowledges someone bestowed him with power and Leo thanks him for saving her life. In a vision, someone reminds Future/Past Ragna of the price his past self will pay for taking his powers. Someone informs the audience that more cities perished that day and that the Reaper of Dragonkind (Ragna) was born. Ragna, Rykes, and Leo chat about their future plans. Ragna says they should flee the country while Sykes interrogates him. He doesn’t believe they’re speaking to the same Ragna. 

Ragna falls asleep and Leo and Sykes hear a loud noise coming from the forest. The episode closes with the being who interrogated Ragna’s Future/Past self stating that their paths will cross soon. 

The Episode Review

It appears Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End isn’t the only series that aimed to give fans a long premiere to sit through. Ragna Crimson is another anime with a feature-length introductory chapter. This chapter did a great job of establishing Ragna’s world, his goals, and the future adversaries he’ll need to fight. Moreover, we get to see Ragna utilize his newfound powers against a worthy opponent. 

Despite its questionable CGI, this series’s first chapter had compelling visuals and animation. From Ragna’s bizarre dream sequence to the episode’s graphical depiction of murder, viewers will be at the edge of their seats with this one. As for other characters introduced here, Leo is one worth putting on your radar.

While many may not like that she’s the strongest, she displays enough charming characteristics to elicit praise from fans. From her sticking up for Ragna at the Guildhouse to her viewing Ragna as an equal, Leo is certainly a female protagonist worth rooting for as we continue ahead with this tale. Although this episode wasn’t anything to write home about, it established a nice foundation to build off of for future episodes. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this anime has in store for fans in the coming weeks. 


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