Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 17 Recap & Review

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Episode 17 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins where we left off in episode 16 with Chris throwing the sword toward Taratectora and Taratectora trying to deflect the attack with his arm cannon. Thanks to Olto Zora, Tartectora only suffers a minor injury. However, Ragna jumps in to grab the weapon. Before we see what happens afterward, we shift to Shin, who awakens inside a water-like bubble. 

Shin observes Ragna from within the bubble. Ragna grabs the blade and fires his “Hunting Flash” attack at Taratectora. Zora observes from exchange from afar. He’s afraid Taratectora perished during the attack. However, Taratectora tells Zora he blew himself up to avoid dying instantly from Ragna’s attack. Therefore, he will die soon. 

Zora blames himself for giving Taratectora false information, but Taratectora tells him not to worry about it. Additionally, he says they should focus on developing a strategy that’ll help them prevail in this mini-war with Starlia. We enter Taratectora’s human flashback, revealing that he, alongside Zora, had ties to Princess Lakucia. 

Simultaneously, Taratectora reflects on his long-standing relationship with Zora and hopes he can forgive him. Zora tells Taratectora to blow himself up and to ensure Starlia and the others get caught in his explosion. Zora leaves and Taratectora explodes. Ragna tries holding the blast back with his remaining power. 

Simultaneously, Starlia informs Chris and the others about what Ragna is trying to accomplish. Despite Slime providing Ragna with aid, Ragna realizes that Taratectora’s explosion is too much for him. Starlia wonders if Ragna can prevent the blast from hitting them. Starlia realizes her sword might be holding Ragna back, and starts blaming herself for it. 

Additionally, she ponders all the soldiers she lost and those who survived during this mini-war. Starlia uses her abilities to lend Ragna more power because she wants to help him prevent everyone from dying. She informs Ragna that she has troops protecting her while she’s performing this duty. Although Taratectora’s strength overpowers them, Starlia and Ragna turn up the heat. 

After they neutralize Taratectora’s attack, Starlia realizes the current Ragna’s strong because of his future counterpart. Starlia shares her concerns for Future Ragna. Current Ragna thanks Starlia for worrying about Future Ragna. Starlia thanks Ragna for his help and pleads with him to abandon Crimson and join her army. She’s willing to give him time to think about it. 

Ragna faints. Chris and the others check up on Starlia and she’s thankful the war’s concluded. Additionally, Fu’s comrades tell him the magic teleportation circle is ready to use. Meanwhile, Ragna awakens and Slime says he should receive praise for helping him defeat Taratectora. Then, the magic teleportation circle’s magic kicks in. 

Before our humans celebrate, Kamui arrives and murders Starlia and her forces. Afterward, Kamui turns his attention to Ragna and tries to start a fight between the two. Before we see them throwdown, Nebulim and Ultimatia discuss Kamui’s departure and Ultimatia’s confidence Kamui will prevail over Ragna. 

While Ragna and Kamui clash, we receive a flashback with Ragna and Crimson. Crimson informs Ragna about Kamui’s powerful “Six Claws and Twin Fangs” demon sword. Additionally, he informs Ragna about the “Clawed Bloodline,” who are tied together through swords and combat arts. He states an outlaw murdered one of them in the past and stole one of the demonic swords. 

Crimson says Kamui was the outlaw and that he committed the act during his human years. Crimson warns Ragna that he shouldn’t get involved with Kamui and only fight him once Ultimatia dies. Despite this, Ragna proceeds to give Kamui his best effort in this fight. Unfortunately, Kamui overwhelms Ragna, causing him to fall to the ground. 

Ragna desperately tries to get up before Kamui murders him. Then, Starlia wakes Ragna up and he finds himself in an alternate world. The episode closes with Ragna being confused by this ordeal. 

The Episode Review

Despite their valiant effort over Taratectora, Ragna and his human allies couldn’t catch a break. Kamui’s arrival and dominance over Ragna shows why he’s earned his spot amongst Ultimata’s forces. While this episode will leave fans for a loop on some things, it dumps some interesting questions worth pondering and discussing with fellow Ragna Crimson fans. 

From Ragna’s strange encounter with Starlia to receiving morsels of intel about Kamui’s human life, it shows that this series’s creator has several tricks up their sleeve to entice fans to continue following this anime. Hopefully, the questions they’re proposing to their audience will receive proper explanations and not ones of the unfavorable variety. 

Writing aside, the visuals and animation were dazzling to the eye in this chapter. Seeing Slime assist Ragna and Starlia in holding back Taratectora’s attack was adorable and amusing. It shows that he’s willing to support Ragna despite his qualms with our Silverine-bound hero.

By and large, this was a decent episode of Ragna Crimson. I’m hopeful we’ll receive a proper explanation about what happened to Ragna at the end. Further, I’m certain we’ll get an update on what Crimson’s been up to during this time. 

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