Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Stakes and Cooperation

Episode 10 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with Christopher and Shin reporting to Starlia about the dragon activity occurring in the area. Starlia wonders what the superior dragon is planning and asks her underling Majorca for updates concerning the teleportation circle. She tells Majorca to tell Fu to complete the circle within a day. Ragna and Crimson arrive at the meeting and Starlia’s still infatuated with Ragna. Crimson finds their plan brilliant but believes they won’t succeed without his wisdom. 

He promises to provide Starlia and her allies with a superweapon (Ragna) capable of slaying the superior dragons. Despite being madly in love with Ragna, Starlia doesn’t trust Crimson in the slightest and refuses to work with them. Crimson describes one of the superior dragons, Olto Zora, and their role, abilities, and weaknesses to get Starlia to comply with him. Starlia’s not budging, so Crimson urges Ragna to force Starlia to yield.

Ragna’s unsure so Crimson reminds him of the sticky situation they’ll be in involving Zora, Taratectra, and other dragons. In this flashback, Crimson promises to lend Ragna his full strength and protection if he’s willing to follow his orders and give up on defeating Ultimatia for the time being. Remembering this, Ragna promises Starlia that she can trust Crimson and himself for support in their battle with the dragons. 

Starlia yields but reminds Crimson she’ll only be relying on him for intel and that she’ll be in charge of the planning. Meanwhile, Zora visits Ultimatia who is shocked that she can’t wield time like she used to. Zora brings Ultimatia the head of the man who killed Trois and tells her what he said before perishing. Ulmatia refuses to hear Zora out and presents her with a Silverine Blade, reminding her of Ragna. 

Zora explains that Ultimatia can’t control time because she feels defeated and to restore her control over it she must forget her fear of Ragna. Ultimatia refuses to command Zora to slay Ragna as she wants to prioritize obliterating the Lese Kingdom to shape the world into her God’s desires. After some convincing, Ultimatia yields and asks Zora to bring her Ragna and Crimson’s heads. The two meet up with the other superior dragons and Nebulim wonders how he can get close to Ultimatia’s heart. 

After recalling Trois’s murderer’s final words, the episode closes with Zora getting pumped to fight Ragna. 

The Episode Review

Ragna Crimson episode 10 provides fans with a nice setup for future events in addition to some fun humor between our different factions. From Zora’s discussion with Ultimatia to Ragna and Crimson’s conversation with Starlia and her subordinates, there are a lot of events to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. 

As for the former, it’s unfortunate knowing that the men Ragna and Crimson teamed up with perished in battle. While we didn’t receive much intel about them, it hurts knowing that Zora defeated them with ease. It shows how capable he is as a superior dragon and makes his inevitable battle with Ragna more exciting.

Hopefully, Zora will provide Ragna with a worthy challenge. Meanwhile, we received more interesting developments between Ragna and Starlia’s group. As a leader, it was nice seeing Starlia hold her ground and not yield easily to Crimson’s demands. At the same time, it’ll be nice to see her forge a stronger relationship with him and Ragna during this temporary truce of theirs. Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter of Ragna Crimson. I can’t wait to see these two factions clash in the end. 

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