Race – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Everything Will Eventually Fall Into Place

Episode 12 of Race delves deeper into what happens after the CENTUM 100 issue is resolved and a new job position structure is introduced at Seyong.

What Happens to Young-Ho?

Young-Ho was forced to resign from his position at Seyong because he covered up for Yeon-Soo and Byung-Tae when they received bribes from Jin-Seo’s brother-in-law. Of course, this devastates him as he committed himself to Seyong, although for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, he moves on and settles in Changwon.

Does Yi-Jung resign?

After accomplishing her mission to change Seyong for the better, Yi-Jung resigns from her position and starts her own company. At the end of the episode, Yi-Jung offers Yoon-Jo and Jae-Min a job at her company. Yi-Jung also finally rekindles her relationship with Yoo-Jin. She also makes amends with Eun-Seok and even agrees to help him with his campaign for the upcoming Mayor elections.

What Happens to Chul-Jun?

Chul-Jun resigns from his position at Seyong and ends up working at Earth Comms. After Yi-Jung introduced new job positions at Seyong, Chul-Jun wasn’t promoted. This made him feel bad as Jae-Min and Seung-Hee were promoted to higher job positions. So, he decides to resign and look for a job elsewhere.

Eun and Hye-Young finally decide to start dating. Eun chose to put her fears of being public with her sexuality aside and gave love a chance. Conversely, Ji-Hyeon asks Gu-Young to step down as Seyong’s vice president. Surprisingly, he agrees and mentions he needs to focus on other things besides Seyong.

Does Yoon-jo break up with Dong-Hoon?

Yoon-Jo eventually breaks up with Dong-Hoon because she can’t get over her feelings for Jae-Min. As a result of this, Dong-Hoon decides to move to the US. While this is due to work, it’s most likely because he couldn’t bear seeing Yoon-Jo with someone else as he loved her.

How does Race end?

Jae-Min seemingly confesses his feelings toward Yoon-Jo, creating tension between him and Yoon-Jo for some time. But later, he officially asks Yoon-Jo out as his girlfriend. While Yoon-Jo tells him to wait until she completes school, it seems she accepts to go out with him.

Yoon-Jo goes through a couple of ups and downs in this episode. She breaks up with Dong-Hoon then her grandmother, who raised her, passes away. Before that, her mother disappears with their home’s rent, leaving her and Hae-Jo on the brink of being kicked out of the house. Hwa-Ja later tells Yoon-Jo and Hae-Jo that she invested the rent money in Bitcoin!

Yoon-Jo then resigns from her job at Seyong and finally decides to go to school and attain the necessary qualifications to work in the PR industry. Yi-Jung also offers her a job at her new company.

The Episode Review

This episode concludes this show on just the right note. Things have eventually fallen into place for almost every character in the show. This series perfectly exemplifies how the work industry is. We’ve seen the ups and downs employees face, how bad competition between companies can get, bribery and favouritism in the workplace, and how a few people can change a work environment for the better.

We’ve also received a good dose of romance and comedy in this show, so saying this show had the perfect balance of everything is an understatement.

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