Race – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Discovering the Truth

Race episode 11 begins with Yoon-Jo and Jae-Min at their disciplinary hearing. Just then, Yi-Jung and Gu-Young also arrive at the disciplinary hearing, which is not what Yeon-Soo and Byung-Tae expected. We’re then taken back to what happened a week before this disciplinary hearing.

Yi-Jung goes to Yeon-Soo to request him not to proceed with Yoon-Jo and Jae-Min’s disciplinary hearing as this current CENTUM 100 isn’t their fault, to begin with. But, Yeon-Soo adamantly refuses.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hee, Chul-Jun, Yoon-Jo, Jae-Min, and Heo-Hyuk meet to discuss how they can help Jae-Min and Yoon-Jo with their current situation. Elsewhere, Hye-Young is at Eun’s bar talking to Eun about how guilty she feels for writing the article about the current CENTUM 100 issue.

Eun tries to cheer her up, telling her she only did the right thing by exposing the truth about Seyong and CENTUM 100. Hye-Young finally confesses her romantic feelings toward Eun. Eun then tells her about the challenges of being a gay couple in South Korea. But, Hye-Young urges her not to care too much about what other people think about her relationship and sexuality.

Elsewhere, Yi-Jung is with Hee-Young at her place. Yi-Jung expresses how mad she is at Yeon-Soo, for he spoke to her earlier after she requested him not to proceed with Yoon-Jo and Jae-Min’s disciplinary hearing.

Hee-Young then tells her that she once worked at Seyong and she once filed a corruption complaint against her boss when she was working there. And as expected, no one believed her, and her colleagues shunned her. People at Seyong didn’t like her then because she was hired for her experience and not qualifications, just like Yoon-Jo. And when she filed that complaint, people at Seyong disliked her even more.

Hee-Young then tells Yi-Jung not to give up on fighting for what’s right in Seyong as she’ll make a huge difference in the long run.

The next day, Jae-Min and Chul-Jun see Sun-Tae talking to Byung-Man and looking all suspicious and secretive. Jae-Min then remembers one of his team members, Kim Hoo-Gil telling him that the CENTUM 100’s ingredient analysis he got at Seyong was made available by Sun-Tae. Later, Seung-Hee, Yoon-Jo, Chul-Jun, and Jae-Min meet secretly. Chul-Jun tells them Sun-Tae is most likely involved with the CENTUM 100 issue. He suggests they dig dirt on him so they can use it to make him say the truth.

Yoon-Jo goes to ask Eun-Jeong if she may know anything about Sun-Tae being involved in this issue, but she doesn’t say anything. She only offers to try and make Yoon-Jo’s punishment a little less severe after the disciplinary hearing. Jae-Min also talks to Young-Ho, but he also doesn’t say anything. Yoon-Jo then suggests they speak to Yi-Jung about their latest findings on this issue.

Sun-Tae, Eun-Jeong, and Young-Ho meet with Yi-Jung to discuss the current CENTUM 100 situation. Yi-Jung mentions the ingredient analysis Hye-Young talked about in her article. But Sun-Tae gives her another copy of CENTUM 100’s ingredient analysis. He tells her the reason that the analysis that was initially available at Seyong and the one Hye-Young talked about in her article are different because the samples analyzed may have been different.

Yi-Jung believes Sun-Tae’s story until Jae-Min comes in later to tell her that Sun-Tae is lying and that the sample used to come up with the two different analyses are the same. This means the copy of the ingredient analysis Sun-Tae just gave Yi-Jung is fake.

That evening, Yoon-Jo goes to Ang’s Bread to apologize to the co-owner for doing anything to stop the negative marketing strategy from being implemented. Fortunately, the co-owner accepts Yoon-Jo’s apology.

The day of the disciplinary hearing arrives, and Yoon-Jo is quite nervous. She asks Jae-Min what they’ll do if they get fired, and Jae-Min tells her they’ll sue Seyong.

Yi-Jung and Gu-Young arrive for the disciplinary hearing. Yi-Jung starts exposing Yeon-Soo for accepting bribes from Jin-Seo’s brother-in-law, not to reveal that the protein powder ingredients they supply to Seyong are of poor quality. We’re then taken back to the day before this disciplinary hearing.

Yi-Jung met with Sun-Tae and urged him to reveal the truth about this CENTUM 100 issue. The next morning before the disciplinary hearing, Sun-Tae went to Gu-Young’s office and told the truth about Jin-Seo’s brother-in-law unfairly getting the ingredient supplier deal. He also shows him proof that Yeon-Soo and Byung-Tae were bribed by Jin-Seo’s brother-in-law not to say anything about the ingredients being of poor quality.

Back to the disciplinary hearing, Yi-Jung continues exposing the truth, and Yeon-Soo gets angry. After the disciplinary hearing, Gu-Young requests Yi-Jung to carry on with the R&I project so she could change Seyong’s corporate culture.

Later, Yoon-Jo and Jae-Min are trying to determine whether Sun-Tae was the whistleblower regarding what was happening with CENTUM 100. Jae-Min offers to take Yoon-Jo out, but she tells him she already has plans with Dong-Hoon. Jae-Min asks Yoon-Jo if she and Dong-Hoon are officially dating, and she confirms it. This doesn’t settle well with Jae-Min.

At Eun’s bar, Jae-Min asks Eun how he knows if his feelings toward someone (he’s talking about Yoon-Jo) are friendly or romantic. Eun gives Jae-Min advice on distinguishing between friendly and romantic feelings, and then she starts grilling him about who he has romantic feelings for. Eun initially thinks it’s Hye-Young and gets mad because she has romantic feelings toward her. When Jae-Min tells her it’s not Hye-Young, she finally figures out he has romantic feelings toward Yoon-Jo.

Elsewhere, Yoon-Jo is having dinner with Dong-Hoon, when he asks her if this is officially their first date as a couple. After much hesitation, Yoon-Jo agrees.

It’s a couple of days after the disciplinary hearing. Yi-Jung proposes to Ji-Hyeon, the idea of making a public apology for the negative marketing strategy Seyong has been using. Ji-Hyeon is hesitant at first but agrees with the idea after Yi-Jung explains how it will be a step towards restoring Seyong’s good image. They begin by going to apologize to Ang’s Bread’s co-owner, who was hospitalized. Then, Ji-Hyeon makes a public apology.

Eun-Seok is at home watching Ji-Hyeon making a public apology when Yoo-Jin comes to talk to him about Yi-Jung. Yoo-Jin admits that she misses Yi-Jung even though she’s mad at her for leaving, and this makes her feel guilty because Eun-Seok isn’t on good terms with Yi-Jung.

Eun-Seok tells Yoo-Jin that she is entitled to her feelings toward Yi-Jung and shouldn’t worry about him feeling bad if she wants to rekindle her relationship with her mum. Eun-Seok also promises to work things out with Yi-Jung but doesn’t guarantee it’ll be easy.

The next day, Eun-Seok meets with Yi-Jung to offer her a job to help him win the Mayor’s elections. But, Yi-Jung refuses. She tells Eun-Seok that the reason she met with him was to talk about Yoo-Jin, but, Eun-Seok tells her he has nothing to say about their daughter.

Chul-Jun expresses his suspicions that Sun-Tae may be the one who was covering up for Yeon-Soo and Byung-Tae, accepting bribes from Jin-Seo. But, Yoon-Jo disagrees.

The R&I project team members hold a survey for employees on Seyong’s work environment, which is a success. A few days later, Yi-Jung proposes to Ji-Hyeon the idea of restructuring Seyong’s staff job positions, and she agrees.

The episode ends with everyone receiving the structure of the new job positions. Jae-Min Sun-Tae and Seung-Hee are promoted to higher positions. Meanwhile, Young-Ho gets a letter asking him to resign.

The Episode Review

I’m glad that the truth about CENTUM 100 came out and that the right people got the punishment they deserved. However, I didn’t expect Young-Ho to be fired. But then again, he may have been the one who was covering up for Yeon-Soo and Byung-Tae, receiving bribes from Jin-Seo’s brother-in-law.

As for Jae-Min and Yoon-Jo, this is a classic case of someone not knowing the value of an individual in their life until they’re gone. Now that Yoon-Jo is dating Dong-Hoon, Jae-Min realizes he has feelings for Yoon-Jo, which is frustrating. I hope he moves on and lets them be.

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