Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Rabbit Hole sees us finally tumble down the bottom of this conspiratorial well to see where this all ends. And the end is imminent. Crowley needs to be stopped and with John working alongside his father, the Nora Evers Protection Act has been signed and passed. That means those 3 private companies have access to millions of files, all waiting for Crowley to get his grubby paws on them.

How does John intend to stop Crowley’s plan?

It’s so quick and effortless for our antagonist, who cycles through millions of social media users to find specific political affiliations and those with the most susceptible mental issues to take out key figureheads in the country.

It begins with 5 federal judges taken out. Ben warns that fear is going to be used as a weapon so they need to control the narrative. John calls it his “Homm rule”. In other words, let everyone know that Edward Homm is not dead. The only way to stop all of this is to kill Crowley though, and that seems like the next logical step here.

In the midst of all this, Ben reveals that he’s the one who started this whole “Ed is Not Dead” campaign on social media, along with paying Morgan Shaw to give special coverage to the news of Homm’s death.

Does Hailey admit the truth to John Weir?

In the middle of all this, Hailey speaks to John and admits that she’s spoken to Jo Madi to try and prove what’s been going on. She actually wants Weir to be taken off the streets and arrested, to try and protect and save him from himself. This came from John’s frazzled mental state and he knows she was just trying to do right by him.

John takes it in his stride and admits that he understands where she’s coming from and what her motives were.He hugs and kisses her, and all is forgiven.

Jo Madi’s taskforce is dealt a rough first hit when Madi gets a call from her daughter asking for her to help. However, she checks her email at the same time and notices messages from an unknown sender with attachments. Attachments which happen to be photos of “proof of being alive”.

Now, as we later find out in the episode, this was all concocted by John Weir to convince Jo Madi that there are forces working against their best interests and they’re on the same side. Madi begrudgingly concedes and agrees to team up with him.

Ed is still haunted by killing that guard during the heist and he’s consumed with guilt as he rides out with Hailey to the broadcast station. He notices in the wingmirror that they’re being followed by a black SUV following them.

Is John Weir arrested?

Ben heads off to see Liv while John visits a bunch of reporters, led by Debra, and tells them about what’s been happening regarding Crowley. She hands over the USB drive with definitive proof of all this and they leave. Just before John can follow suit, Madi suddenly shows up and arrests him.

John Weir is taken to the FBI and interrogated about everything that’s been going on. However, he points out the whole drama regarding Ed and how he’s still alive. And speak of the devil, Edward Homm jumps out the car and tries to rile up the crowd. It seems to work, given he trends online and goes viral.

The thing is, John Weir and Jo Madi are both being played but John is smart to what’s going on and manages to trick Agent Rash, escaping from lock-up and out the back. Madi is there to help him, just as news breaks online that Ed Homm is going to be in the studio to give a proper account of himself.

How does Crowley try to manipulate the police?

While Crowley kidnaps Ben and Liv, bringing them to him, John and Hailey prepare for the big broadcast… but there’s a problem. US Marshalls are down in reception, intending to try and stop the broadcast by claiming they’re agents of the DOJ. John watches this on the monitors and realizes this is all a distraction and they’re actually fake, as the real goal here is to assassinate Edward Homm, something Kyle intends to do.

Hailey and John are both ready for him when he steps out the elevator and he’s arrested. Similarly, the officers pretending to be DOJ are also taken away too.

Unfortunately, Crowley is in the system and he uses an officer there, coercing him about his illicit history that’s been buried to free Kyle and give him back the gun. Crowley also stalls for time and speaks to John Weir, demanding he play ball. He tells John that there’s to be no broadcast or his father and ex wife will both die.

How does John trick Crowley?

The thing is, John has been playing Crowley this whole time. He actually switched the person who’s supposed to be his ex wife with a pro mercenary when she was kidnapped earlier on, someone who actually helped recover his wife before when she was initially kidnapped all those years ago.

The fake Liv breaks free from her handcuffs, shoots the place up and manages to thwart all of Crowley’s goons. With Crowley now powerless, Ben is shocked. John apologizes for the big surprise and points out that he never told Ben any of this to keep the narrative going, playing until the very end.

Crowley is finally left for his dad to handle. With the man hanging on to the shattered remnants of his life, Ben shoots him dead, which stops the intern in his tracks before he kills Edward Homm in the studio. Kyle smiles knowingly to John and slips away, while the live broadcast with Debra goes ahead as planned.

Edward Homm points out how those at the top need to pay for what they’ve done and how democracy is being compromised in the United States.

How does Rabbit hole end?

A lot of this episode has led the motif about narratives and defying expectations, and a lot of this chapter has given the illusion that something bad has happened to Madi’s wife. Well, after everything that’s gone down, Madi decides not to put John Weir away. Hailey actually made a deal with the FBI to put away her ex-boss so she’s no longer wanted. And as for the money, well she never mentioned anything about it.

John is impressed, and he tells Hailey that she’s getting good at this as the pair walk away, hinting that they’ll be living out their happily ever after. Or at least a Bonnie and Clyde-esque chase away from the cops!

We then cut across to Ben, who realizes that Crowley could just be another pawn in this game. Crowley has an earpiece crackling away in his ear, so Ben pulls it from Crowley, places it in his own and asks exactly who this is.

The Episode Review

So the ending of Rabbit Hole keeps this proverbial rabbit hole tumbling ever further, as it now seems likely that there’s another force of power even higher up the chain of command than Crowley. Although it’s an ambiguous ending, it’s actually quite a nice way to round things out. However, there are still a few loose ends.

I’m not 100% convinced that Hailey’s arc was the best it could have been and she’s been acting shady most of the way through the show. It turns out she’s just naturally great at picking skills up immediately.

However, this can be overlooked given the show’s overarching themes regarding trust and narrative focus. Both of these come into play in this final chapter, with the red herring regarding Madi’s wife working wonders to subvert our expectations over exactly what’s been going on.

Likewise, the show does a decent job with the whole Crowley conspiracy and the story actually comes to a decent end when the final credits roll. It’s not perfect, but this has definitely been one of the better thrillers this year, making for a wholly satisfying watch.

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