Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Playbook” Recap & Review

The Playbook

Episode 6 of Rabbit Hole begins with us jumping back in time to Central America, 1983. Ben is on an old mission with his pal Crowley. The pair have very different ideologies as they tackle a couple of prisoners, with Crowley believing they should seize power for themselves.

Back in the present, Senator Evers puts her faith in the Shared Data Act, and claims that it’s about building democracy and striking fear out of people’s hearts. After all, if you have nothing to hide then you wouldn’t object to this, right? Of course, this is all a system of control and another tactic we’ve seen play out in real time.

While Evers starts to make head-way with her political game, opponents mysteriously “dropping out” of the race, John and Ben prepare for their final play. They pose as the official drivers for Senator Evers, while Hailey causes a traffic jam and holds up the real drivers so they can’t make it there in time.

Evers isn’t exactly scared and John immediately calls her out for bringing on illegal funds to her campaign. It would definitely set her back, potentially stop her chances at gaining the White House. Evers shrugs off the threat though, believing the dirt John has is a drop in the ocean compared to what Crowley and the others have. They have a briefcase with her name on, but the contents of which are unknown but we do know that it’s very incriminating. Evers was blindfolded at the time when shown this box, and although she knows the number by heart, she couldn’t say where this is being located, or what vault it may be hiding in.

Edward Homm happens to be overhearing all of this and believes, thanks to Ever’s description of the route using her senses, that the location is 1550 Girard. It’s an ultra-secure private depository used by shady rich people like money launderers, cartels and tax cheats. Arif is there on Tuesdays, so it all makes sense and slots into place.

However, Evers makes sure this play is the right one, by bringing on her security detail, Lanneman. The box doesn’t leave his sight, and although Ben is not sure this is the right call, John wants no part of his father’s advice. In fact, he cuts him out completely and decides he’s going to stay in the van.

The place is difficult to break into, including a super-secure vault that won’t let you leave a set path (otherwise a wailing alarm will set off and cause all the floor and wall panels to turn an ugly shade of red) while two sets of keys are needed for each deposit box. John has the master key already. tanks to an earlier encounter with the security detail. Hailey is going to serve as a distraction while all this is going on, allowing the plan to be put into place.

Homm ends up watching “conspiracy theories” online, and the footage they have shows off Homm on a CCTV camera in upstate New York. They actually get pretty close to the truth and although Homm is a little worried, Ben shrugs it off, claiming that he’s just a crackpot and nobody takes him seriously.

Hailey is worried about John and takes his phone and checks through messages, where Hailey realizes he needs psychological help. He’s messaging a dead man, hoping for a response, with constant “You there?” to Valence. Hailey is worried, although Ben calls it “going down the hole”.

The day of the big heist goes ahead and Lanneman heads in with John. Homm is in his car with Ben, and they wait while John, Hailey and Lanneman head into the vault. With Lanneman playing the role of a military vet experiencing PTSD from the alarm going off, John manages to switch the boxes over while the system is rebooted.

It works like a charm but unfortunately, John leaves one of the keys in the safety deposit box and it means the entire plan is in jeopardy. Thankfully, Hailey thinks fast and manages to take out the key, staging another alarm going off and saving the day at the last second.

Outside the building, things take a turn for the worst. Lanneman’s guy, Pete, shows up round the corner with a gun, demanding John hand over the briefcase they’ve just got. He takes the briefcase and the pair leave, but John anticipated all of this. In fact, the briefcase is a decoy and the real one is actually back in the box. Meaning they can go in and get the real one, fooling Lanneman completely.

John phones Evers and makes a play to get the real intel but there’s a problem. Senator Evers is assassinated by Kye’s girlfriend, Eliza, while she heads to a rally. Lanneman is also taken out too. Kyle leaves with Eliza, and everything is thrown into chaos. Only… Kyle is not really on her side. In fact, he’s been manipulating his girlfriend all this time, forcing her into doing his bidding. And in his car, he chokes Eliza out completely, deciding that killing her is a better option as she won’t be spilling the beans anytime soon. Kyle has been planning this for a while too, systematically updating Eliza’s social media to reflect a deranged woman with mental health problems, including depression and bipolar disorder.

As the whole incident makes mainstream news, John Weir realizes that all of this was actually a play not to get Senator Evers as President, but more about passing the Shared Data Act. By turning Evers into a martyr, it almost guarantees that the legislation will pass. Crowley then gains access to anyone and everyone, meaning he’d become the most popular player behind the scenes.

As the episode closes out, John seems to receive a message from Miles. On his app, the message “I’m sorry, John, but I had to make it look real” comes through, followed by “It’s me, you there?”

The Episode Review

So is Miles Valence really alive? Or is this actually Hailey somehow hacking the system and pretending to be Miles to make John feel better and help his mental conditioning? It seems like anything could be real at this point!

The entire episode works as a pressure pot of distrust and drama, as John works out that Lanneman is going to play him, and anticipates that, but nobody expected Kyle and his girlfriend Eliza to take out Senator Evers on Crowley’s orders.

The constant questioning and confusion over who’s telling the truth and who’s not is partly what makes this show so good and the mystery has been excellent up to this point.

With the whole mission thrown into disarray, could Miles Valence really be alive? We’ll have to wait and see!

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2 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Playbook” Recap & Review”

  1. U r mistaken. Ben showed up years before the events of the pilot episode to recruit Weir. He told Weir they should kill intern the night of the day he pitched everyone faking their deaths.

  2. Good Review.

    I am either mistaken or there is a massive plot hole.

    In episode 5 there is a scene where John and Ben are talking about taking out the in turn and their plans have been going on a long time.
    The time period to me appears to be at the same time John has just explained to his team about the need to fake their deaths.

    However at the beginning of the series Ben shows up to John’s surprise thinking he had been dead for years!! Which was way after the explosion to take out the team???


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