Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 5 “Tom” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Rabbit Hole begins with us jumping back 11 days ago. John discusses with his team the plan with looking into Tom, and he tells them they need to disappear for a while. John knows that Crowley is dangerous and wants to try and protect them incase something bad happens. He actually orchestrated the entire gas leak explosion with the team, and despite Ben’s insistence that Kyle, the intern, is caught in the explosion, John decides he should not be collateral damage.

Ben is adamant this is the wrong move, believing he could be an agent working on Crowley’s side. John pushes this out of his mind though, and presses on with getting his team ready. Everything looks legit, including tooth extractions and bits of hair removed.

Back in the present, John starts to run down a whole long list of numbers to try and find the last person who spoke to Valence. It’s a grueling process, and not particularly fun either. Haley believes this is John’s way of working through PTSD, what with Miles dying and the casualties so far. She spins a story of her own about Chicago and how glad she is that she’s got no secrets. However, she wants John to trust her completely.

Edward Homm has been busy too. All the political donations and PACs that Intaverse gives money to are publicly available. Unfortunately, there’s over 141 different organizations across a wide spectrum of political ideologies, so it’s going to be very difficult to track down. Ben refuses to let more people in to help with the workload, including John’s own team.

Madi shows up to see John’s ex wife, off the records given the FBI won’t allow this. She stakes out the house with her daughter in the back, and decides to pretend being a salesperson to make her way inside the house and look around. Madi checks out the pictures, makes small talk, and has a quick peek in all the other rooms.

The sticking point here though is an expensive wine bottle called Chateau. It’s enough for Madi to dive into deeper, and she rings Anna over at the office, telling them to flag any activity on Weir’s employee’s credit cards and on any cell phone numbers they have for them.

Madi believes that the woman knew something big was going down, and given the large order for wine, deduces that this could have been distributed out to the employees. The same employees who have DNA found in the office which was blown to bits. While it may be enough to convince everyone else, Madi isn’t about to let this go, and puts a trace on Cara Spader’s phone, given she received an incoming call from a burner.

Back with Ed for now though, and he manages to get a breakthrough. He’s narrowed down the donations to an employee level, rather than by company, and he noticed that they all went to one PAC only. The America SOS Committee. And they only ever donate to one politician – Senator Nora Evers of New Jersey. She’s going to run in the future and has been trending on Twitter for two days running.

However, all this excitement is completely usurped by a couple of armed guards showing up and blasting the place. After throwing a smoke grenade and a flashbang, Ben decides to make some noise in retaliation, distracting them long enough for the group to slip out the back and leave. Ed is shot though, making one heck of  a racket given he’s temporarily deafened, and although the bullet went right through his arm, he’s acting as if he’s been fatally wounded.

John soon realizes that Ben is the one who has compromised them all. He’s the one who made the last call to Valence, and seemingly told him to jump. John is angry and as the pair shout at one another, there’s a problem. They’re all forced to run again, this time into the woods, as the armed guards catch up.

Whilst there, Ben reveals what actually happened with Kyle. Ben followed him up the road, knowing that he could be Crowley’s agent, and head into a parking lot. He knew Ben was following and blindsided him, stabbing the guy in the gut. This explains the wound we’ve seem him sport during this present day timeline.

Kyle managed to get away, but what of Weir’s team? Well, it turns out they really are dead. Kyle was the one who killed them all, heading back and shooting each member in the head in turn. He moved them over to the elevator shaft but got caught in the blast.

As for Ben, he did ring Valence that day to warn him about what happened to Weir’s team but that’s when he knew Miles had turned. That’s when he said the words “You tell him I had no choice,” which is code for him being compromised and a message for John.

Well, the team are still compromised, and Weir figures out what’s happening. The whiskey bottles have tracking IDs on the bottom of them and that’s how they’ve been constantly tracked down. They leave the whiskey behind and head back on the road.

John Weir is determined to end this, deciding to speak to Senator Evans himself, who announces her candidacy to run for President of the US.

The Episode Review

Another episode of Rabbit Hole rolls round and this time we see a lot more context surrounding the past, and specifically what happened to John Weir’s team. It’s been evident for a while now that Kyle, the intern, has been a planted assassin but his sheer ruthlessness, singlehandedly taking out Weir’s entire team, is pretty eye-opening.

The group really are on their own now, and understanding more of what Ben has been keeping from everyone is a nice touch, allowing us to contextualize the shadowy past and how that ties into the present.

There’s a lot going on here, and it seems like this Senator Evans is the key to unlocking the Crowley lock and understanding exactly how everything slots together.

Rabbit Hole has been a solid thriller so far though, and next week’s episode is shaping up to be a must-watch affair.

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8 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 5 “Tom” Recap & Review”

  1. the single-malt scotch bottle was being auctioned at the ‘art party’; however, how did they know she was going to steal the bottle? there’s something amiss, there.

  2. Haley is acting all sus. To me, it seemed like she was trying to put a wedge between Ben and John (saying how Ben was trying to undermine John) while trying to gain John’s trust. Why would you care if John trusts you or not?

    By the way, how come Ben is still holding on to that phone of his? They might have been on the run, but that didn’t stop John from changing burner phones. Before seeing the chip in the wine bottle, I totally thought Crowley were tracking Ben via the phone.

  3. I am either mistaken or there is a massive plot hole.

    In episode 5 there is a scene where John and Ben are talking about taking out the in turn and their plans have been going on a long time.
    The time period to me appears to be at the same time John has just explained to his team about the need to fake their deaths.

    However at the beginning of the series Ben shows up to John’s surprise thinking he had been dead for years!! Which was way after the explosion to take out the team???


  4. @Kram, you’re absolutely right on both accounts, I do apologize. I’ve just gone in and corrected that now for you. To be honest, I’m 100% with you there with Ben being tagged. He looked super suspicious while in the bathroom checking his stomach and I assumed that he knew something and didn’t tell anyone. Beyond being badly wounded of course!

    I still don’t trust Haley though and I think there’s something else going on with her. We’ve been told repeatedly not to trust anyone and she keeps asking John to trust her completely. Seems like a red herring to me!

    @David, I have not been shot so to be fair I could be underplaying the severity of it but I was judging by the reaction of the other characters who were acting like Homm was overreacting and assumed the same. I’m sure being shot like that hurts like hell!

    Thanks for commenting guys and reading the recap, really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  5. Good to great review. Just have a question for you: have you ever been shot? I think Homm’s response is how it should be.

  6. Two corrections:

    1. Madi does not show up at Cara’s friend’s place, that was John’s ex-wife that she went to see.
    2. It is Ben who reveals what actually happened with Kyle while they are at the shelter, not John.

    As Curiosity Cat has asked (which is actually what brought me to this article): where did the whisky bottle come from? I just can’t seem to remember where they got it, and can’t rewatch the whole thing to find that out 🙂

    Before they revealed that it is the bottle they were tracking, I thought that it was Kyle who had tagged Ben with a tracker when he stabbed him lol.

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