Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Person in Your Ear” Recap & Review

The Person in Your Ear

Episode 4 of Rabbit Hole begins with us back inside Arda Analytics just before Xander’s murder. It turns out Xander did not actually commit suicide like we thought. A kid posing as a delivery boy, the Intern, knocks him in the neck, telling him he had “one job” and subsequently throwing him off the balcony.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in the street as the sparks of conflict and distrust are thrown in the form of a Molotov cocktail of disinformation. A podcaster claims that the rich and powerful are working against the everyday man to control them and they need to wake up and fight back. As people take to the streets and things turn violent, we cut back 24 hours.

John Weir awakens after another bad dream and finds Haley there, quipping about the number of different hideouts they have. Soon, the trio get down to brass tacks as they start to look into this in more detail. Valence was into NFTs but he doesn’t like art so it seems like there’s a deeper meaning here. At least according to John. Ben is concerned, watching his son, and believes he’s suffering from PTSD.

As they talk, a voice floats through the vents. It’s Edward Homm. He knows more about the NFTs but he won’t speak until he can talk to his wife and tell her he’s okay. Ben and John refuse, but when he brings up that the emails were from someone called Elliot Gao, they decide to hear him out, hacking into the cameras and allowing Homm to take a peek at his wife back home.

As we soon find out, Elliot is a high-end money launderer, a billionaire who launders money for bigger billionaires. The NFTs are simply used as a way of laundering money. Elliot Gao serves as the middle man in all this, designing the schemes to launder the money around. Edward knows too much, which could explain why Crowley wants him dead.

News of Xander’s death makes the news and it reaches John Weir and the others too, who watch the broadcast. John decides to use all this to his advantage, and specifically through using Special Agent Jo Madi to spook Gao into giving up information. Part of this requires him use Haley to help out, given the feds are after him (except when he’s inside the actual headquarters of course!) and he decides to try and train her up into doing this line of work.

John gives her some solid advice, including projecting confidence, not stalling for time and making sure she has a solid story. He also warns that people will “notice her”, giving an indirect comment about her appearance. The first task is to shoplift a magazine, and Haley does a decent job of it, perhaps too good if you ask me!

As for Madi, she continues to lead her investigation into Xander’s death. She receives the anonymous tip right on cue, as she’s told about Arda and Elliot Gao’s connection with the company. She bites, asking for a number, and giving him a call. She brings up the Arda Analytics gig and, predictably, Gao gets jittery and tries to stall for time.

Madi is concerned and believes Weir is messing with her. In fact, she traces the call and realizes it comes from the same number as before.

Back home, Edward Homm realizes that his wife isn’t actually all that sad about him being dead. From laughig on the phone to dancing about in the kitchen… to neighbour Kevin heading inside and kissing her. Uh oh. It seems like she’s been having an affair this whole time.

Haley’s real job begins, and it comes from speaking to Elliot Gao at his party, pretending to be Special Agent Madi. With John Weir delivering orders in her ear, he tells her to mention the NFT trading with Miles Valence. Things seem to be going well… until Haley runs into a problem. Her old boss, Craig Payne, is part of the clientele at this swanky party. He’s a developer from Chicago whom she stole money from. The company was corrupt so she stole funds and they fired her. She also stole crypto from them too…which is now worth $26 million. This explains the phone screen last episode, and (as we soon find out) the blue Mercedes too.

Crowley (or at least his minions) are actually at Gao’s party and they notice Haley talking to Gao. If that wasn’t bad enough, the guys in the blue Mercedes show up downstairs. These appear to be linked to the Chicago developer and, more specifically, the people responsible for collecting up Haley’s stolen crypto funds. With them heading in downstairs, John tasks Haley to hold tight until he comes up with a plan.

Gao is clever and quickly figures out that Haley isn’t Jo Madi. He keeps her captive and informs her that Crowley is on his way.

John requests Edward’s help, enticing him with the prospect of solving the biggest money laundering scam of the century. He brings him onboard for the next part of the operation, where they pose as elevator inspectors and break into the building.

Haley is brought before Crowley… and it turns out it’s actually Ben! He puts on an accent and asks Gao about the funds, along with mentioning something called Intaverse and The Ledger. And as Gao grabs his phone and snaps a picture of Ben, it turns out he’s not Crowley after all. The jig is up and even worse, word comes in that Ben and John need to be killed. John cuts the power in the building, and the group manage to get out before anything bad happens. Ben bemoans that their advantage has been lost, given Crowley knows who they are.

Edward does give some crucial exposition though, pointing out that Intaverse is a web media company that owns the GetToether site that’s a pretty big deal in DC. It allows you to have a “consensual affair.” Apparently half of DC have signed up and a politician who resigned a month back was actually on the site. Crowley appears to be using this as a cover to blackmail politicians into doing his bidding.

As the group drive away, John drops another bombshell announcement. It turns out that his team aren’t dead after all and they certainly didn’t die in the explosion, throwing into question everything we knew before.

The Episode Review

Rabbit Hole delivers another twisty-turny dose of espionage thriller action, with John and the team off on another mission, this time closing in on Gao and his goons. We do get a little closer to the truth with that reveal about Intaverse, while Crowley’s appearance is still in doubt, although it’s clear now that he’s definitely one (or more) steps ahead of the game.

With John’s team coming back into the fold, it remains to be seen how all of this fits together but it also would appear that Haley’s in the clear of her past deeds… which only makes her all the more suspicious. I’m still not sure she is who she says she is, especially given the ease at which she managed to shoplift, all whilst confidently flirting with the police officer.

To go from fumbling in the car to doing that just seems a bit suspect. And then there’s the matter of her potential lies last episode too. We’ll have to wait and see on that front!

Either way though, Rabbit Hole is still hugely enjoyable and it’s one of the few thrillers on TV right now that’s hard to predict which way it’ll go. One thing’s for sure though – next week’s episode is going to be an absolute must-watch!

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