Rabbit Hole – Season 1 Episode 2 “At Any Given Moment” Recap & Review

At Any Given Moment

Episode 2 of Rabbit Hole begins with us back in 1981, where we see flashbacks of John Weir’s life. His father helps train him up, teaching John how to play chess, giving him general knowledge tidbits, and even teaching him how to smoke – with candy of course. However, there’s a problem.

Claire (John’s mum) points out that the phone is clicking suspiciously. Ben (John’s dad) starts ripping the phone line out the wall, deciding that they should no longer have phones in the house, claiming that he’s doing all of this to keep the family safe. All the while, a young John Weir happens to be watching from the doorway.

Further flashbacks shed more light on this situation, peppered throughout the episode, and specifically involving Ben dying. At his funeral, a man approaches and claims that Ben died fighting for his country and the papers are announcing false truths about what happened.

Back in the present, Madi shows up at the fire and wants to investigate the bodies but she gets a hard no from all involved. Her request is pending with Captain Morello, and that puts her in bad standing with Rasche, the hard-ass investigator on the scene. He belittles her until raised voices from the doorway grabs their attention. It turns out someone survived the fire. It appears to be the intern.

Meanwhile, Hailey is stopped in the lobby by someone claiming to be a Detective called Fewkes. However, as they lead her to the blue Mercedes parked outside, John Weir suddenly shows up with a cell phone, recording the entire encounter as Hailey is moved against her will. This distraction is enough for other crowd members to get involved, allowing John to scoop Hailey up and take off in his car. On the way, Weir demands answers about how she’s linked to the Mercedes.

Getting nowhere, John ties her up and stuffs her in the trunk, and he heads over to his childhood home once more. When they arrive, John demands answers once more.

Hailey brings up John’s dating profile, which actually seems to have been created by his coworkers. Hailey concocts a story about how and why John killed Homm, as John listens incredulously to her tale. And just then, who should burst through the door but Homm himself, still tied up. He’s blindfolded and runs into the doorway, knocking him down. According to John though, he apparently saved the guy’s life.

Still cable-tied, John drives Hailey back out to the office, where they tail one of the men from Valence’s work. After getting an opening to talk to him in the bathroom (the waitress spills wine on the guy, forcing him to retire from the chat) John is there waiting, demanding answers. He wants access to Valence’s computer. Only, that’s not going to be so simple. And even more eye-opening than that, we learn there’s more to this Valence case than we thought.

Valence paid Weir to keep his mouth shut with his team, concocting a fake story while the real mission here was for him to be paid to kill Homm. But of course, all of this was a set-up on both sides of the playing field.

The people orchestrating all of this are dangerous, but Weir demands a name. The man is jittery and believes that “He’s everywhere.” and won’t speak. The only way into the system is through using Miles’ Authenticator and password, which is currently in police lock-up.

Cleverly posing as an FBI agent, John manages to break in and makes his way to investing Detective Singh’s terminal, the woman in charge of the Valence case. At the same time, Kyle, a shadowy youth with a skateboard, happens to be in the lobby, waiting as John Weir busts out with the evidence box. Only… there’s a problem.

The kid grabs the authenticator and manages to physically manhandle Weir, knocking him out and using his skateboard as a weapon. Hailey manages to run him down before he can land a killing blow and the pair take off with the gear they need before they’re caught.

Back at the house, another startling revelation is made. Homm is tied up in the living room and as Hailey shows, an old man from the kitchen calls out to John, telling him they need to start cutting fingers off. It turns out this guy is actually John’ dad. He didn’t die after all!

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens! There’s a really interesting narrative running through this show now, mixing in espionage thrills with drama and plenty of twists for good measure. There’s a real desire to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes, and quite who is behind what’s happening here. It’s clear that there’s someone watching from above, evidenced by both Valence and also the other worker in the bathroom glancing nervously about.

Valence’s computer could have the answers, although it doesn’t explain how this ties in with John and his father, who’s now still alive.

There’s some pretty good characterization this time around though, as we learn a bit more about John and also Hailey. However, there are a few fair contrivances to contend with. Given John is supposed to be this murder suspect and wanted across the State, how is it that he manages to bust into the FBI office, use Singh’s terminal without any of the other officers mentioning a word, and getting out with that evidence box too? It just seems a bit farfetched that not a single officer recognized or tried to stop him.

Beyond this though, the flashes to the past are revealing and are definitely helping to shape a larger picture of what happened, while that cliffhanger is enough to want to tune in on Sunday to find out what happens next. So far so good!

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