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Quiz Lady (2023) Ending Explained – Does Anne win the game show?

Quiz Lady Plot Summary

Quiz Lady, a Hulu Original movie directed by Jessica Yu, stars Awkwafina as the anxiety-ridden Anne, who has been obsessed with a quiz show hosted by Terry McTeer (Will Ferrell) for as long as she can remember. When her mother’s gambling habit accumulates significant debt, Anne’s older and wilder sister, Jenny (Sandra Oh), pushes her to face her fears and go on the game show to win the cash prize.

Does Jenny get Mr. Linguini back?

When a bookie steals Anne’s dog, Mr. Linguini, in order to ensure she pays her mom’s debt, Anne wants to do everything in her power to get him back. She doesn’t think Jenny is taking the situation seriously, however. When the two fight about Jenny’s irresponsibility, Jenny corrects Anne on her assumptions. She always looked out for her younger sister; Anne just didn’t always know it.

Now, to help Anne more so than their mother, Jenny tracks down the bookie to get Linguini back. Stealing the dog, she makes a run for it and takes Linguini to Anne, where she’s in the middle of “Can’t Stop the Quiz.”

Does Anne beat Ron at the quiz show?

At first, Anne sweats through the game show and can’t seem to get any of the answers right. Despite her extensive knowledge, she’s foiled by her anxiety. But Jenny knows just how to help her. Turning on the charm, she convinces everyone (except Anne’s snobby contestant, Ron) to let Anne have her dog beside her.

With Linguini by her side, Anne builds her confidence and starts getting all the answers right. She’s nearly caught up to Ron by the last portion of the show: the coin flip.

But the coin flip doesn’t turn out to be in her favor. It lands on “Show It,” meaning Anne has to beat Ron at a game of charades. Anne chooses Jenny as her partner, and it looks at first like they won’t make any progress–until Anne starts making her acting more personal, referencing her and Jenny’s shared experiences.

When Anne acts out a time Jenny helped her and then points to her sister, Jenny realizes the word is “hero.” The guess wins Anne the game, unseating Ron as the current champion.

How does Quiz Lady end?

Quiz Lady ends with Anne becoming the new running champ of “Can’t Stop the Quiz” and eventually working for the show as a quiz writer. Jenny wins a huge amount of money from a settlement. The sisters reconcile and pay off their mother’s debt.


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