Quitter – Monumental Road | Album Review

Track Listing

Penny Drop 
Hey, Useless 
Open Sesame 
Phone Voice 
So Far So What 
Heavy Weather 
Sound Fights 
I’ve Walked This Dance Before 
Monumental Road 


This is an engrossing album brimming in emotion. Quitter aka (Kenny Bates) delivers an ambitious record which makes the listener hang onto every emotive word, every last sonic input, and every dramatic outburst. The Scottish singer/songwriter resumes his musical prowess in such a commanding fashion, as his writing ability reaches great heights. We already knew, though, that the musician had the talent to grow as a stirrer of emotion and had the adeptness to carry the flag for Scotland and beyond.

The Scottish twang is present as ever, and Quitter becomes this titan of wordplay and acoustic sounds. He drives his words to the forefront. They are dark and sombre but highly engaging to the point where you’ll fall into them and take them in like inhaling smoke. His range increases as each song comes in.

Quitter doesn’t scream at the world, though. He uses his voice as a reminder that he’s not fully happy. His aspirations seem to be fading out, but he has the know-how to create a better existence for himself. His dreams are rooted with a restlessness that is only apparent because he wants to succeed.

‘Hey Useless’ shows his Scottish twang in a bright light. The backbeat of percussion and solid guitar work showcases the right tones. It’s a grungy song, reminiscent of 90s grittiness.

‘Golden’ lashes hope, and it seems like Quitter is looking for solace in someone and somewhere. The musical aspect thrills, but the lyrics darken with sombreness.

‘Heavy Weather’ is melodic and triumphant, boasting a clever guitar line. It serves up melancholy while Quitter sings with a sneer. It’s an intelligent rock song this, a proper in-your-face pile-driver.

Quitter dazzles here and his songs are sadder than most, but they connect on such a level, that the listener will feel the rasp of his voice.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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