Quicksand – Season 1 Episode 4 – “The Reconstruction” Recap & Review


Teenage Drama

Following the bombshell revelation at the end of the last episode, we begin the fourth with some slightly less intense drama. The Inspector suggests she go to a reconstruction at the school as a way of helping with the case and jogging her own memory on what really took place that day.

After some initial push-back from her lawyer and a lot of deliberation from Maja herself, she decides to go along, for her own sake more than anything else given the 14 year sentence hanging over her head.

Meanwhile, a flashback of the time after Sebastian heads off to South Africa reveals yet more pieces to the puzzle. Samir and Maja begin to get pretty serious together, as he heads over to hers and they cook dinner together before having sex. As she lies in bed, cuddled up to him and contemplating what this means for her future, she ponders over an earlier text message Sebastian sent to her. The next morning, things are made even more awkward as Amanda shows up and sees Samir and Maja leaving the house together.

As Amanda warns Maja over the consequences of her actions, we cut back to the present day for the rest of the episode taken up by the reconstruction itself. Through a clever use of back-and-forth flashes to the past and present day, Maja manages to reconstruct her actions right up to the events that took place inside the room. After closing the classroom door, everything she experiences is fragmented and for now at least, there just isn’t enough reliability in her story to be able to paint an accurate picture of exactly what happened.

The episode winds down from here with a glimpse of Maja on holiday, receiving a distressing message from her Mum about Sebastian being in hospital and needing help. Without a moment’s delay, she hurries to the hospital to make sure he’s okay where we leave the story for now.

While the episode itself plays out exactly as you’d expect, it’s ultimately the flashbacks during the reconstruction that make this such an intriguing episode. These moments in particular really illustrate just why these flashbacks are so important in this episode and why it’s not just another crime drama trope being flaunted around. A good one this, the fourth episode kicks the series into high gear, promising big things to come in the final two episodes of the series.


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