Quicksand – Season 1 Episode 2 – “Custody” Recap & Review


Pieces Of The Puzzle

After the dramatic way the first episode ended, we return to Quicksand with a fragmented glimpse of what really happened inside the classroom. A fractured flashback from Maja shows both Sebastian and Maja shooting each other, leaving the amnesia-stricken teenager confused over what she’s seen.

Unfortunately, things turn from bad to worse for Maja as Inspector Nilsson hammers the young girl pretty hard for information on what happened that night. As Maja deliberates over what to say next, we cut back in time for another flashback where we catch up with Maja after a long break from school. It turns out she didn’t see him for the entire Summer and the time spent away from him, she wondered quite why he hadn’t called her. It turns out Sebastian had the exact same thoughts about her and the two immediately pick up where they left off as the school term begins.

Her friends comment on this new Maja, seemingly influenced by Sebastian to take drugs and generally let herself go. We then see this in action, as we cut forward in time to one of Sebastian’s parties as he hooks her up with drugs and she begins to lose control. After having sex with her down by the docks, Sebastian leaves Maja on the verge of an overdose. As she stumbles back to the party and refuses to take anymore drugs, the scene then cuts to an empty bathroom where she’s seen vomiting.  

The morning after, Maja wakes up in a blind panic. Everything is an absolute mess and she quickly gets to work cleaning up the empty bottles and remnants of the party. After waking up Sebastian and telling him his Father is home, the reckless boy tells her not to worry and that they hire people to clean up so she shouldn’t have to. A further flashback down the line highlights deeper rifts at play between Sebastian and his father though, as a hunting trip turns sour and Maja is caught in the middle of this familial drama.

This drama ultimately spills into the present day interview too as the prosecution show her photos of Sebastian’s dead body and begin going in hard on her over what happened that day. They reveal emails and texts between the two teens depicting how much they hated Sebastian’s father Claes and how she wanted him dead. Throwing the allegation at her that she instigated the entire thing, Maja snaps and completely goes off the rails. Screaming and kicking her legs, she’s soon restrained by the shocked men and women inside the room and promptly thrown back into her prison cell where we leave her and the episode.

As the past begins to form a clearer picture into what was really going on with Maja, the large gaps in her knowledge around these events and the party itself really act as the catalysts for what follows. With deeper characterisation and understanding over what’s really driven the two teens to commit this act, quite where the tale goes from here is anyone’s guess.


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