Queen of Tears Episode 15 Spoilers – Will Hae-in get her memories back?

Queen of Tears

“Wedding of the century” or “war of the century”? Such is the question that the new k-drama Queen of Tears looks set to pose. Armed with hallyu stars Kim Soo Hyun of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay fame, and Kim Ji-won of Arthdal Chronicles fame, the show is a roller-coaster ride of broken promises and fading marital bliss.

Not only is Queen of Tears one of the most highly anticipated Netflix shows of the year, but also features one of the most high-profile cast, sending it off on a path of sure success. So be warned that the following article contains spoilers.

Queen of Tears Episode 15 [Spoilers]  – What to expect? 

From the preview of episode 15 and where episode 14 ended, the first thing we can predict is that Eun-seong is going to manipulate and isolate Hae-in. It seems Eun-seong will get hold of the diary that Hae-in gave Hyun-woo for safekeeping since we see him burning it in the preview.

All of this is characteristic of his persona since Hae-in mentioned how he used to “love” her in college by alienating her from others. And now, it seems he will be repeating history before Hae-in actually recognizes or miraculously gets her memory back.  From the preview, after Hyun-woo, Eun-seong must have constructed a story about Hae-in’s family because Hae-in seems uncomfortable when they meet her. 

But of course, bad deeds come back in a cycle and it seems that Hae-in’s father had sent some people to keep him updated about her whereabouts, so there might a twist where the Hong family is getting ready for battle against Eun-seong. It seems Eun-seong is finally going to get arrested and there will be a court case regarding the charges against him.  

In a brief clip, we see Hae-in finding her mp3 player and listening to it, commenting that she must have lead a lonely life. Since the mp3 player is a symbol of connection between Hyun-woo and Hae-i, it’s possible that she might remember something about Hyun-woo’s existence. Even though Hae-in has lost her memories but she possibly still remembers how she feels towards Hyun-woo and her family.

It might help her get closer to the truth. Since, we have clips of Hyun-woo and Hae-in being close, it might happen sooner than expected, or these scenes might possibly be Hyun-woo recounting his time with Hae-in. 

What’s for certain is that Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s story is not getting a full stop after Eun-seong’s uninvited tactics, and we are all here for it! The next episode is going to be as exciting as all the others! 


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