Queen of Tears Episode 13 Spoilers – Did Seul-hee kill the chairman?

Queen of Tears

“Wedding of the century” or “war of the century”? Such is the question that the new k-drama Queen of Tears looks set to pose. Armed with hallyu stars Kim Soo Hyun of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay fame, and Kim Ji-won of Arthdal Chronicles fame, the show is a roller-coaster ride of broken promises and fading marital bliss.

Not only is Queen of Tears one of the most highly anticipated Netflix shows of the year, but also features one of the most high-profile cast, sending it off on a path of sure success. So be warned that the following article contains spoilers.

Queen of Tears Episode 13 [Spoilers]  – What to expect? 

From the preview of episode 13, it seems that Hae-in will be successful in retrieving her grandfather’s recording from the secret pen that she left in his room in episode 12. She seems tearful as she listens to her grandfather’s voice for the last time, thanking her for something, perhaps to help him convey his last message to his family before he committed suicide to free the rest of them from Seul-hee’s clutches. 

In the next scene, Beom-ja suspects that Seul-hee is behind the chairman’s death. It could be  that she might have pushed the chairman off of the stairs as he deliberated whether to go through with it, but it’s unlikely since she would have become an easy suspect. So, even though from the preview we get the impression that Seul-hee might have something to do with the chairman’s death, it’s safe to say that the chairman took the decision independently. 

In the next scene, we hear Eun-seong say that he wants Hae-in to live. Perhaps, now he would help the Hongs in some way? It’s still uncertain to comment. Meanwhile, Da-hye apparently is great at household chores. We don’t really know who the person in question is but it seems to be Da-hye, and it would make sense for her to be good at cooking since she practically had to raise herself up. Da-hye also says that she is going to leave. Seon-hwa has her newfound target in Da-hye, it seems. 

In the next scene, Hae-in flaunts the ring on her finger, one that Hyun-woo bought for her. From this we can make two deductions. Either there’s some sort of improvement of her illness and that is why she is more hopeful to stay with Hyun-woo, or she has finally given in and accepted to be happy as long as she can.

From the last episode and next few clips, where she she breaks down in Hyun-woo arms , we can assume that the latter is more probable than the former. However, there’s a vague dialogue in which Hae-in says, “It signifies my excitement and hope for the first snow” as she flaunts her ring that I thought that I’d never see” and Hyun-woo replies, “This is what you call true fate”. So, perhaps, there’s good news? We’ll have to wait for the next episode to be certain, but there’s hope for now! 

Hyun-woo and Hae-in might finally spend some quality time and share memorable moments together in the next episode, so be ready for some fluff! Meanwhile,  Hyun-woo has begun his moves against Eun-seong and it seems, Eun-seong might finally get trapped. Plus, it seems Eun-seong has his guard down and is ready to ruin his mother’s plans for Hae-in’s sake. 

In a brief clip, we see a sort of an accident while Hyun-woo screams “Hae-in”. It probably foreshadows more drama and thrill that’s to come with episode 13! Moreover, Hyun-woo claims to have kept something a secret from Hae-in and we wonder what that is. What’s certain is that Queen of Tears episode 13 is not going to back down from the show’s streak of amazing episodes! 

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