Queen of Tears Episode 12 Spoilers – Is there hope for Hae-in’s recovery?

Queen of Tears

“Wedding of the century” or “war of the century”? Such is the question that the new k-drama Queen of Tears looks set to pose. Armed with hallyu stars Kim Soo Hyun of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay fame, and Kim Ji-won of Arthdal Chronicles fame, the show is a roller-coaster ride of broken promises and fading marital bliss.

Not only is Queen of Tears one of the most highly anticipated Netflix shows of the year, but also features one of the most high-profile cast, sending it off on a path of sure success. So be warned that the following article contains spoilers.

Queen of Tears Episode 12 [Spoilers]  – What to expect? 

From the preview of episode 12, it seems that Hyun-woo has cracked the code to locate the slush fund. We come across a short clip of a safe opening, so we can possibly expect the Hongs to locate the slush fund. Alternatively, it could also be the case that Eun-seong might have gotten his hands on the safe first, since in episode 11, he had followed the trail of the slush fund towards the warehouse where he met Hae-in waiting for Hyun-woo. 

Beom-ja is definitely planning for her next husband it seems, since she’s completely enamoured by the simpleton Young Song. And hopefully, she might have a happy ending this time. Similarly, riding on the romance wave, we can expect some lovey dovey scenes from Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s quality time spent together, phew a relief from the tragic illness subplot. 

Da-hye is in trouble. Somebody seems to be looking for a certain statue and they don’t believe in talking. Soo-cheol seems to be aware about this scenario as he screams her name, it’s possible that Da-hye might approach him for help. 

Eun-seong is going to express his feelings for Hae-in and he’s going to tell her about her necklace that he had kept for all those years. Perhaps, he’s trying to fix the brunt bridges with Hae-in and might help the Hongs. We don’t know that yet. 

Hae-in is definitely confused after mistaking Eun-seong for Hyun-woo, and she believes that she cannot trust herself anymore. It’s possible that in a rare circumstance, the show could exploit her illness for her unreliable perspective. It’s unlikely but it’s going to be interesting if it so happens. Ready for another shocking twist?!  

There’s a deceptive dialogue in the preview where Hae-in asks Hyun-woo whether something is real. It could either imply that she’s been cured or it’s possible that she’s anxious about her previous identity mishap. We cannot really say yet but one thing’s for sure, episode 12 is going to be exciting! 

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