7 Times Hae-in Secretly Expressed Her Love for Hyun-woo in Queen of Tears


While Netflix’s hit Kdrama Queen of Tears has become the latest legend in the Korean drama landscape, much of its popularity has been on account of its iconic cast: Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in and Kim Soo-Hyun as Baek Hyun-woo.  

The popular series follows the dwindling love life of a chaebol heiress, Hong Hae-in, and her ordinary but accomplished law graduate husband, Baek Hyun-woo. The series begins with the once star-crossed lovers on the verge of a divorce, which is barely avoided by Hae-in’s surprisingly fatal illness.  What follows is drama, romance and a hearty comedy.

Most of the show’s dynamism is due to the tussle between the former lovers, whom the fans find to be in a never-ending tug of war involving their affections for each other.  Although, Hae-in and Hyun-woo most definitely love each other, despite their frustrating lack of communication, they almost always appear in the midst of a silent battle. It’s even more so with Hae-in owing to her hot-temper and condescending demeanour.

Despite of this, there exist heartwarming hints where it’s clear that she does still love Hyun-woo and this is exactly what we bring you in this article!

1. Hae-in threatens Hong Soo-cheol when he disrespects Hyun-woo in episode 1

In episode 1 of the Queen of Tears, Hae-in and Hyun-woo, along with Hae-in’s family are having dinner when Hae-in’s younger brother, Hong Soo-cheol asks Hyun-woo to do a trivial legal task for him. Hyun-woo is the legal director of the Queens group, and Soo-cheol and Seon-hwa’s insistence on Hyun-woo’s involvement with such a trivial task meant not only demeaning Hyun-woo’s authority and jurisdiction over matters pertaining to everything legal, but it also conveys a message of disrespect beyond the walls of the Hong’s residence. Ordinary people rightly guess that Hyun-woo is a mere pawn at the hands of his in-laws.

While Hae-in does not interfere with this exchange, she later approaches Soo-cheol and smacks him on the head. She further ends up threatening to kill him if he ever makes his brother-in-law involved in such triviality that might humiliate him in the eyes of his juniors. Even though she does not clearly say it, but her threat hint at the love she has for Hyun-woo.

2. Hae-in flaunts her husband’s shooting prowess in episode 3

After the boar attack, the Hae-in’s family is surprised at how Hyun-woo protected Hae-in. Until this incident, they had left no stones unturned to mock Hyun-woo’s lack of shooting skills since he had never participated in the family’s hunting trips. Hae-in finally, and slightly proudly, informs her family that Hyun-woo served as in the special armed forces, as a marine, and was popular for this shooting prowess. In this way, Hae-in not only defends Hyun-woo’s skills but flaunts his accomplishments.

3. Hae-in wants to cuddle in episode 3  

After the horrific boar attack while at the Hong’s hunting site, and Hae-in’s hallucination, Hae-in is quite visibly shaken. Despite her tense relations with Hyun-woo at the moment, she reminds him how they once share a single bed in his room in Yongdu-ri, and suggest that they cuddle. But sensing Hyun-woo’s uneasiness, she brushes it off as a joke. Since Hae-in has had a traumatic experience, this scene displays how she wants comfort from Hyun-woo, who she genuinely cares about, even though she might not have made it apparent.

4. Hae-in visits Yongdu-ri to support her in-laws in episode 4

Despite having a busy schedule, when Hae-in receives a text message from her sister-in-law Mi-sun about her father’s dwindling election campaign, Hae-in arrives in Yongdu-ri with trucks full of delicious offerings as a means to win votes for Hyun-woo’s father. This clearly highlights that even though she may not have been visiting her in-laws, she does care about them enough to appear in times of need.

5. Hae-in tries Hyun-woo’s routine after asking for divorce in episode 8

Right after she loses her memories for a brief moment, she asks for a divorce since she doesn’t want to live the rest of her life in a limbo after discovering Hyun-woo’s divorce papers. The reality, however, revealed in subsequent episodes is that she is aware that her family made Hyun-woo suffer and he doesn’t want him to suffer anymore because of her. Later, she traces his footsteps and tries Hyun-woo’s routine – travelling on the subway, playing baseball and eating in his regular restaurant. This highlights that even though she agreed for the divorce, she still misses him and loves him.

6. Hae-in paints her nail with Balsam for her first love: Hyun-woo in episode 13

Hae-in comes across the ladies of Yongdu-ri applying balsam on their nails. Initially, she’s not very interested in the practice. However, once she learns about the legend where if a balsam painted nail survives till the first snow, the person’s first love is bound to come true, she readily obliges and even teases Hyun-woo about her mysterious first love. And the legend does come true with the balsam painted nail becoming a minor player when Hae-in loses all her memories after the surgery.

7. Hae-in stalks Hyun-woo after she loses her memories in episode 15

After returning to Korea with Eun-seong, Hae-in finds herself manipulated by his stories. Although she has no recollection of Hyun-woo, apart from remembering his name right after she woke up, she stalks him with her secretary, jotting down things he likes or dislikes. This indicate that despite her lost memories, she’s still drawn to Hyun-woo and somewhere deep down, she does love him.

Queen of Tears might have been a wild ride, but Hae-in’s journey has been wilder. But it’s these little moments of affection that makes her character relatable and loveable by fans across the world.  What is your favourite moment where Hae-in showed her affection for Hyun-woo in Queen of Tears? Do let us know your thoughts!

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