Queen of Divorce – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In Queen of Divorce Episode 2, Jang-mi visits Sa-ra in her prison cell. Afterward, she requests Sa-ra to join her in her quest to ensure that the innocent get justice.

On the other hand, Jung-sook, Sa-ra’s mother, visits Gi-jun to present evidence against Yul-seong. Nonetheless, she is eventually spotted by Yul-seong in the office building. After this, he comes up with an elaborate plan that culminates in the word of Jung-sook’s suicide spreading.

In the following scene, Sa-ra finds out that her mother passed away while imprisoned. Subsequently, she is granted permission to attend the funeral. When Yul-seong pays a visit at the service, she comes across him there. They argue, and Sa-ra’s desire for revenge against him grows.

The scene then shows Sa-ra being released from prison. Jang-mi then picks Sa-ra from prison. Following this, Sa-ra accepts Jang-mi’s request and they begin Solution Divorce Services together.

A number of suicides in the prosecutor’s office compound the difficulties Gi-jun is already facing. He decides to step down from his post as a consequence of this. Nonetheless, it becomes clear very soon that Jang-mi is eager to bring Gi-jun on board at Solutions.

Soon after Sa-ra and Gi-jun meet at Jang-mi’s suggestion, their shared history becomes apparent. One day before her wedding, Sa-ra was about to run away with Gi-jun, but she changed her mind. She doesn’t give an explanation when Gi-jun asks her why she changed her mind. She instead asks him to decline the offer to join Solutions. Following this, Gi-jun leaves.

It begins to rain as Gi-jun is walking. Memories of his past resurface because of the rain, and he quickly returns to the cafe in search of Sa-ra. The episode ends with him telling her that he’s thrilled to be her business partner and that he’ll be joining Solutions.

The Episode Review

The second episode explores Sa-ra’s journey through grief as she mourns the passing of her mother. We also get a glimpse into Sa-ra and Gi-jun’s past together. Jang-mi and Sa-ra have decided to start a divorce services company called Solutions together. On top of that, Sa-ra has an intense need for revenge against Yul-seong and Chayul Law Firm Chairman Cha.

This episode delves further into the plot from the previous one. As always, the plot is captivating and leaves you wanting more. Having said that, a big criticism may be that shock value is often achieved by including unneeded events. In light of how often this happens, viewers get desensitised and miss out on experiencing the whole spectrum of emotions when they matter most.

Another issue with the show is how repetitive the instances are that the firm has dealt with thus far. In these instances, a wife seeks a divorce from her adulterous husband. At first, it was thrilling, but now it seems a bit repetitive.

Even so, it seems like the show has potential. It will be interesting to watch how the plot develops in the upcoming episodes.

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