Queen of Divorce – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

In Queen of Divorce Episode 1, we meet Sa-Ra, who is the head of the divorce consulting firm Solution. While on the clock, Sa-ra is frantically trying to resolve a divorce dispute at hand. While she arrives to help her actress client Na-yeon, we get a glimpse of the case she is about to crack.

In the divorce settlement, Na-yeon’s husband Jae-min demands a fortune and kidnaps her son. However, Sa-ra and her squad arrive in the nick of time, and they rescue Na-yeon’s son Min-woo from the broiler room. After this, Sa-ra is even successful in catching Jae-min.

The episode then takes us back in time by two years. The fact that Sa-ra got married into a rich family and has a background of a lawyer is revealed. However, Yul-seong, her husband, is seen having an extramarital affair. Not only that, but Hui-won, Sa-ra’s mother-in-law and the chairwoman of the Chayul Law Firm, isn’t an admirer of Sa-ra. She makes Sa-ra work for it, considering her humble beginnings.

In the course of the plot, Hui-won manages to persuade Yul-seong to marry a wealthy girl and abandon Sa-ra. By pressuring Sa-ra to win an insane case against a victim of domestic violence, she meticulously plots her strategy. She has also pledged to promote Sa-ra to the position of corporate director as compensation. However, when Sa-ra sees through the manipulation, she steps in to help Jang-mi, the one being targeted. Unfortunately, her mother-in-law ends up accusing her of corporate fraud.

Following that, Sa-ra ends up in jail after being falsely accused in a divorce lawsuit. Worse yet, while she is in jail, Yul-seong and his mother scheme her divorce and even take custody of her only kid, leaving her with little hope and nothing to live for.

Soon after, Yul-seong is wed into an affluent family. We find out that his mistress from earlier scenes shows up at the reception. Considering Yul-seong claimed to love her, she is furious that he is remarrying. On top of that, Gi-jun is there to see it all unfold.

The news reports about Yul-seong’s mistress’s suicide shortly thereafter. Contrarily, an employee at Sa-ra’s mom’s restaurant has proof that Yul-seong and his mom were involved in the case. It’s unbelievable to Sa-ra’s mom that her daughter wed into that kind of family.

Following this, Jang-mi pays a visit to Sa-ra’s jail cell. Meanwhile, Sa-ra’s mom shows up at Gi-jun’s office. She has to see him to turn over the proof. The episode ends with Yul-Sung seeing her and calling her to frighten her.

The Episode Review

Our main character Sa-ra is presented in the first episode. We learn a little bit about her duties at Solution. Following this, we get a glimpse into her past through her rocky relationship with Chairwoman Cha, her mother-in-law, and the painful divorce she had with Yul-seong.

The episode lays the groundwork for the story by introducing viewers to the central idea. In this episode, we meet some major characters and get an overview of the titular character.

However, the show doesn’t spend enough time introducing the characters. Instead, the audience is thrust into the story’s chaos, which may cause confusion. The show does stand out and appears to have potential aside from that.


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