Queenmaker: Season 1 Release Date, Trailer & Where To Watch


There are several K-dramas coming to Netflix in the coming weeks, including Queenmaker, a series about a talented human rights lawyer who is convinced to run for the position of mayor.

If this is a show that has been on your radar, you’ll be glad to know that it’s releasing very soon. Here’s everything you need to know about Queenmaker.

What is Queenmaker about?

Queenmaker is a political drama about two powerful women who have strong opinions but who fight for the same goal.

One of these women is Hwang Do Hee, a Strategic Planning Manager who has risen to a position of power at the company she works for. The other woman is Oh Seung Sook, a Human Rights Lawyer who stands up for women and protects the weak.

Kim Hee-ae – the titular Queenmaker – is determined to make Moon So-ri the new mayor of Seoul. Her reasons for doing so will be revealed when the series lands on its expected release date.

When will Queenmaker be released?

Queenmaker is coming to Netflix on April 14th 2023. It is scheduled to drop at 8am (GMT) in the UK and 12am (PT) and 3am (ET) in the US.

How many episodes will Queenmaker have?

Queenmaker will have 12 episodes, all of which will be available to viewers on the same day. Expect subtitles to be available from launch, although dubbing probably won’t arrive right away.

Who stars in Queenmaker?

Kim Hee Ae takes on the role of Hwang Do Hee. She has starred in several high-profile K-dramas over the years, including Secret Love Affair, Second to Last Love, and The World of the Married. Her movie credits include Herstory and Moonlit Winter.

Taking on the role of Oh Seung Sook is Moon So-ri. This is her first lead role in a Netflix drama after having supporting roles in Seoul Vibe and The School Nurse Flies, which are also available on the streaming service.

The supporting cast includes:

Ki Do Hoon (Jinxed at First)
Lee Kyung Young (Doctor Lawyer)
Jin Kyung (Love In Contract)
Seo Yi Sook (Under the Queen’s Umbrella)
Won Tae Min (Unintentional Love Story)
Chae-Young Han (A Pledge to God)
Kim Byung Ok (Go Back Couple)

Queenmaker trailer

Are you looking forward to Queenmaker? Will you be binge-watching the show on its release date? Let us know in the comments below. 

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