Queenie – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of Queenie season 1 starts with Queenie having a sexy dream about Frank on her birthday morning. She is awakened to reality when Grandma Veronica wakes her up and ensures she is not late for therapy.

At therapy, Queenie wonders if her miscarriage triggered her to start having panic attacks. She thinks it made her start thinking more about her mother, but she is not ready to forgive Sylvie yet. After therapy, Queenie tries to go swimming but has a racist encounter and receives a message from Cassandra, which she ignores. Disappointed, she heads home and finds her family is having a birthday party for her. 

Sylvie is in attendance, and Queenie tries to maintain her cool. She was also hoping Frank would attend the party, but Jessica says he is on a date. Queenie tries to act like she is cool, but she is disappointed he didn’t show up. Darcy is also present and shows her support for Queenie. The latter is worried that she has not heard back from the office and will be fired soon.

Darcy assures her that things will work out, and they are still friends regardless. Unknowingly, Darcy opens an old wound when she has a casual conversation with Sylvie about Queenie’s name. 

Queenie is pissed to hear Sylvie talk about how hard she had it as a single mom. She feels like Sylvie is trying to rack up the pity votes and make herself the centre of attention. Queenie is also unimpressed when Sylvie gives her a cheque as a birthday gift. The two have an intense confrontation where Queenie accuses Sylvie of trying to buy her love.

Sylvie tries to explain she meant well, but Queenie has none of it. After the confrontation, Queenie takes her cousin, Diana, to an exhibition. While there, she makes a good impression on the artist, and they exchange contacts. 

Later, Queenie returns home and reads her mom’s letter. Sylvie explains that she is giving Queenie the money to enable her to get a house. Queenie is also surprised to find Frank talking to her grandpa. She thinks about confessing her feelings for him but is hesitant. The episode ends with her calling out his name, but will she confess?

The Episode Review

Is Queenie ready to be in a relationship again? She is beginning to trust Frank and is sure he won’t abuse her. However, she is afraid to make the same mistake as her mom. It is not Sylvie’s fault that Roy turned out to be an abusive man.

On that front, I think Queenie should give her mom some slack. However, regarding how Sylvie dealt with the situation, Queenie has every right to be angry. We have one chapter left so we need to see how Queenie’s case with Ted will end and whether she will confess to Frank.

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