Queenie – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

New Year, Old Problems 

Episode 5 of Queenie’s season 1 starts with Queenie making New Year’s resolutions. She plans to stay away from men and lock herself inside. She also plans to focus on work and break up with Guy. She thinks it is time for revolutions, and that begins with hushing things out with Ted at work. 

She is surprised to get to work and meet Ted’s pregnant wife, who will be joining them on a company project as a consultant. The wife immediately picks up on the awkwardness and confronts Ted, as this is not the first time he has done this. Ohh!

To escape the office, Queenie decides to call it a day and head home. On the way, she runs into Adil and his wife. The wife publicly confronts Queenie for sleeping with Adil. Queenie left her panties in the car and didn’t know Adil’s wife was in the car when she approached him. Queenie is embarrassed and remorseful of the things she has recently done.

When she gets home, she shares what happened with her friends. Cassandra asks for her help while the others judge her. Queenie tries to sleep, but  Guy shows up unannounced. He begs her to sleep together, but she refuses. She ends up giving up her room and sleeping on the sofa to avoid drunk Guy’s advances. 

The next morning, Queenie sleeps in and forgets her brunch date with Cassandra. Out of concern, Cassandra shows up at Queenie’s. She is hoping Queenie will give her advice on how to deal with her love-bombing boyfriend. Queenie is all ears and advises her to forget about the man who is playing mind games.

As they talk, Guy wakes up and starts calling for Queenie. Cassandra is surprised to learn that Guy has been cheating on her with Queenie. She lays it hard on Queenie even as the latter insists se didn’t know. The one in the wrong is Guy; Queenie had no idea he was in a relationship. 

After the fall-out with Cassandra, Queenie walks out in the rain and drops by Tommy’s place. She confesses she still loves him but Tommy is acting all cagey. Surprise! Surprise! His new girlfriend is in the house, and he doesn’t want Queenie to know. Only after she pours her heart out does the new girlfriend show up to ask what is holding Tommy up. Queenie is heartbroken and leaves without hearing Tommy’s full apology. 

Things get from bad to worse when Queenie gets to work the next day and learns that Ted is accusing her of sexual harassment and stalking. Queenie is shocked as that is not how things went down. The boss and HR official inform Queenie that she is on paid leave until an investigation is done. Queenie tries to explain, but no one hears her out.

The boss suggests Queenie attend therapy sessions provided by the company. Queenie is overwhelmed and has a panic attack when she gets home. Her aunt and cousin try to get her to calm down.

The Episode Review

They say when it rains, it pours, and Queenie can relate to this statement better than anyone. She lost Cassandra because of Guy. Cassandra’s words cut deep already when she learns about Ted’s wife and the confrontation with Adil’s wife. If that is not enough, Ted accuses her of being a stalker sexually harassing him. Now, she is on the verge of losing her job.

However, Tommy’s betrayal is the thing that sends her off the edge completely. So much for resolution and revolutions; this New Year came with the kind of bang that Queenie never expected!

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